NEW Webinar: Increasing Sales & Efficiency w/ the Right VFFS Bag Style

Emily Brogan
Jun 17, 2020 7:33:30 AM

In an efficient 30-minute webinar, VFFS experts Ed, Alex and David  are laying out the trends we are seeing in the CPG industry and how to leverage them to kickstart your sales using your primary marketing medium- your everyday packaging.

There is a tension that exists in CPG companies between marketing/brand teams and engineering/maintenance teams solely based on their motivations. Marketing wants to sell more product and engineering wants to run it efficiently without any hiccups. 

This tension has the habit of making waves when brand team innovations (like formulas, package styles or product weights) disrupt the peace and rhythm that the engineering team has fine-tuned at the production level. 

Engineering teams love a classic pillow bag. This bag style often runs quickly and uncomplicated and meets their need to maximize efficiency. Often to them, the package is simply that- a package. It protects the product and has a statement of identity, eye spots, a UPC and some other stuff that’s less important.

But today’s food industry consumers are becoming more and more demanding of packaging differentiation and this is shown in their spending habits.

Consumer Spending Habits

The pouch packaging market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.8%. According to research, the main factor that has been driving, and will continue to drive the growth of pouch packaging is the cost effectiveness of flexible packaging when compared to the material costs, as well as storage and transport costs of rigid packaging

An even more impressive metric is the CAGR of the stand up pouch market, which is expected to grow at 7.73% between 2019 and 2026. Again, consumers are demanding more unique package styles and marketers and brand management teams are adapting to their needs, which is shown in this continuous growth of the market. 

According to PPC Protect, there are no official figures but the average person is now estimated to encounter between 6,000 to 10,000 ads every single day and according to Nielson the average purchasing decision is made within 13 seconds.Therefore, sales and marketing is increasingly reliant on the effectiveness of packaging to sell the product.

And, that's why the growth rate of the pouch market is so impressive compared to other kinds of packaging because pouches typically offer capabilities that consumers find so appealing.  But marketing teams can't disrupt operational efficiency, which is critical for profitability. 

So how do companies figure out which package style is the best balance of their customer’s preferences, their operations team’s goals and brand team goals? 

Balance of team goals and consumer preferences

It's time that companies come together from an engineering and marketing perspective and understand what their options are, what the considerations are of each, how some result in better sell-through like the award winning package Rovema created with Hershey last year.

On June 30th at 1:00 p.m. EST,  Rovema will be hosting a free 30 minute round-table webinar that will discuss the current market trends that are driving pouch market growth rates as well as which VFFS package styles can be leveraged to meet changing customer demands. 

Collectively, the industry is in love with stand up pouches but each application has certain considerations. And in some cases, a stabilo or doy-style or block bottom or even traditional pillow bags are more appropriate for a variety of reasons and this webinar will go through the benefits and considerations of each.

Solutions-Based approaches

Rovema has several excellent solutions for adapting to the changing demands of customers.  We take a consultative, solutions-based approach to helping customers leverage current market trends and consumer data. 

Our line of vertical baggers has a wide range of variety to meet food company needs, from the BVC 260 flex machine which allows the flexibility to run nine different bag styles, on the same machine to the BVK, which is priced at an entry level and allows for smaller companies to have a more cost-effective option to get out of pre-made bags or get out of rigid packaging. 

Along with stand-alone baggers, Rovema specializes in true single-source packaging lines. All manufactured under the same roof in Fernwald, Germany, the design, engineering and installation processes are all managed by our team with the needs, timeline and budget for the customer in mind. 

From filling and bagging to case packing in retail ready packaging, Rovema turnkey packaging lines simplify the manufacturing process and generate a solid ROI. 

The family of vertical baggers that Rovema offers currently run variations of 9 different categories of pouch styles and over 40 different closure and top shapes. The benefits and challenges of these different bag styles in relation to current market trends will be laid out by experts on the call.


This webinar was mindfully created to educate and inform Marketing, Brand Management and Innovation as well as engineering roles in the CPG industry and will be greatly beneficial to anyone interested in VFFS packaging trends. Registration for this webinar is on our website at the link below:

About Rovema North America, Inc.

Rovema NA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rovema GmbH. Our operation in Atlanta is the North American sales, service and parts presence for all of Rovema’s engineered vertical form/fill/seal and end-of-line packaging solutions.

With over 1,000 machines installed in North America, we’re fully committed to the ongoing support of our machines. Although occasionally certain drive or control components are obsoleted by our suppliers, we provide all available parts and ongoing technical support for any operating Rovema machine.

Our team in Norcross is combining German quality & engineering with American market awareness and responsiveness. All our machines are built under a single roof (not a global master brand) and we’re aggressively building our staff to meet growing demand.