New VFFS Bag Style Guide Helps Teams Navigate Stand Up Pouch Decisions

Emily Brogan
Mar 8, 2021 9:17:28 AM

Different Stand Up Pouch Styles Available on Rovema VFFS Machines

Norcross, GA- Within all food manufacturing organizations, though everyone has the same sovereign goal of selling more products and generating more revenue, different teams and departments have different priorities and ways that they evaluate their success.

Take operations and engineering teams, for example. Their first priority is continuing to find ways to increase efficiency and avoid disruption, keeping their overall equipment effectiveness in check and mitigating risk to the processes they've spent years dialing in.

Then, take Marketing and Brand teams. Their first priority is dialing in on the best mix of product lines, shelf presence, pricing, marketing and promotional efforts to sell more products.

It's no secret that, while everyone has the same priority of making the company more successful, different teams often see different paths to this success. For decisions around product package styles, package materials, machinery flexibility or trends affecting the market, these teams often feel pitted against each other. But unique package styles and materials vs predictable machine performance goals should not feel like a horse trade for packaging projects.

In the VFFS Bag Style Guide recently released by Rovema North America, Inc., VFFS machinery experts lay out the advantages and considerations of the most common stand up pouch styles as well as the market trends affecting the CPG industry today such as sustainability, on-the-go eating, and changing retailer behaviors from COVID-19.

In being equipped with all of the pertinent information to make the best decisions for their products, cross-functional teams have the opportunity to work collaboratively and optimistically on new capital equipment projects, knowing that they can all get what they want out of a new machine.

Anyone who would benefit from this information can access this free 19 bag VFFS Bag Style Guide from Rovema North America, Inc. here.

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