Sophisticated Solutions for Innovative Candy Packaging

Rovema has over 50 years of experience packaging candy and is an innovation leader. Your candy products can be packed into simple pillow bags at high speeds or into high quality stand up bags with special features. Your packaging machinery solution can be a stand-alone bagging machine or a complete automatic packaging line.

Stabilo® with Offset Seal

When it comes to fancy bags, the Stabilo® bag developed by Rovema in 1991 is the industry-standard. Specific options include a true-offset seal which yields full panels on all 4 sides of the bag. Excellent for graphics. The true offset seal also aids in bag stand up since it reduces the multiple layers in the bottom seal of a center back seal which can be troublesome in achieving a stand up bag for smaller lightweight bags.

Other special bag styles include doy-style, Ropack, and Flexcan.

Considerations for Confectionery Packaging

Factors to consider include product damage, fines, stickiness, bag opening size, re-closure among other things.

The new BVC series bag making technology provides advanced features that increase the performance and efficiency of automatic candy packaging. The BVC is a 2-axis servo driven machine capable of operating at speeds in excess of 240/min.

Machine Flexibility Versus Purpose Built

Machine versatility is key with a Rovema solution. This results in producing various bag styles on the same machine with efficient and repeatable changeover.

The SBS machine solution takes bag making to another level by delivering low fill drop heights, extreme flat bottom bags, and additional bag features such as tin tie, gather + clip, fold over and tape over 30 such bag top styles available.


Dosing is primarily accomplished with weigher or cup doser. The former generally gives greater accuracy and the latter greater speed. The right solution is determined by evaluating output versus giveaway cost along with the other considerations mentioned above.
With either dosing solution Rovema provides turnkey solution. We can offer direct mount weighers requiring no mezzanine (reduced clutter and better hygiene) and one common control panel for both weigher and bag maker.

For cup dosing solution, Rovema is the manufacter of both doser and bag maker providing a single source solution again integrated with direct mount and common (one) control panel interface.Opening and reclosuer is a consideration. Bags can be produced with a simple tear notch for ease of opening. Zipper is common. There are various types including a velcro type. Other reclosures include tin-tie (less common), tape (dust is a concern).

End Of Line Packaging

In addition to dosing and bag making, Rovema manufactures secondary automatic packaging machinery. We often deliver complete automatic turnkey packaging lines for dosing, bag making, coding, inspection, cartoning and casing. The turnkey solution is engineered and built in one facility with a common workforce. This minimizes complication and risk for the tunkey solution.


Child eating gummy candy



Rovema Machines help the Candy & Sweets Industry

ROVEMA’s equipment offers an unmatched ROI and exceptional levels of OEE. These are achieved by our German-engineered build quality and resulting machine performance. Our experience and engineering ensure proper execution of machines, common manufacture and workforce for your application.

Our team of VFFS experts will be ready assist you in finding your ideal packaging solution for your confectionery products.

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