We Build Machines To Protect, Transport And Help Sell Your Products In Today's Dynamic Market Environment.


Vertical Form Fill and Seal

The heart of our machinery program and the motivation behind our cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing processes. 

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Our Machines

Decades ago, we discovered that a successful VFFS bagging operation leaned heavily on equally excellent filling and end of line packaging machines, so we redefined single source packaging lines. 

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Rovema VFFS Machine That Adds value to Every Business Role

We know how you think.

Don't get us wrong, we love production teams and we spend most of our days speaking with them and their plant and corporate engineering colleagues. That being said, we add value to every role within CPG manufacturing companies, just as packaging touches all of our lives.

While every company and department is unique, we've accumulated a lot of insight to help us understand your concerns and priorities. 

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Single Source Engineered Primary and Secondary Packaging Lines

Rovema Packaing Line CAD Image


Why Single Source is Important

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Handbook For Efficient And Consistent V/F/F/S Operations

It's a critically important topic across manufacturing industries - and it's one that we're committed to fostering dialog around.

As an organization, we stand behind our "no end of life" principle.

We also reject the industry mindset that over the decades of running your machinery that it's expected that you'll see incremental loss in efficiency as it ages. 

This is unacceptable to us and if you're experiencing any drop in efficiency, know that for our customers, we're committed to restoring it.

Download this guide based on our methodical efficiency audit process.

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Why Rovema is the Right Choice for Your Company

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Sustainable Packaging

Acting in modern times means taking responsibility for people and the environment. We're partnering with companies to explore and test sustainable options.

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Aftermarket VFFS Service and Support
Life-Cycle Service and Support

With some machines in our install base at 50+ years old, we stand behind our "no end of life" principle. Our unmatched ROI is fueled by this pillar.

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Rovema Exclusive VFFS Technology and Innovations for the CPG Packaging Industry
Rovema Exclusive Technology

With true single source solutions, you can rest assured that we've fine tuned every stage of your packaging process... and patented some of them.

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