The Best Products Poorly Packaged....

You know what we mean. Sadly, it doesn't matter how awesome, perfect, tasty or wonderful your product is if it's poorly packaged for quality, shelf-life, transport, retail or other use.

We hear often about the very strong reliance - almost a connection - that manufacturing teams have with reliable, consistent vertical baggers.

It makes sense. When it runs well - accurate filling, consistent sealing, great package appearance, hassle free operation - everyone is relaxed, or at least free to focus on other high priorities. But when it's not running well...well, short of a fire, product recall or injury on the production line, there's not much more of a challenging situation.

We believe the data is clear that Rovema's designs and manufacturing quality provide the foundation for the best V/F/F/S OEE in the world. But a month, year or decade after the installing tech leaves your plant, many other factors will impact OEE.

It's a critically important topic across manufacturing industries - and it's one that we're committed to fostering dialog around. Have insights? Thoughts? Please share them with us. We'll look for ways to incorporate various insights, from all stakeholders, in the ongoing discussion.

In the meantime, please download our complimentary e-book, Maximizing Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for Vertical Bagging Operations: An engineer’s handbook for efficient and consistent V/F/F/S operations to help SMBs optimize like multinationals.

Maximizing Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for Vertical Bagging Operations

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