Unique Packaging Solutions for Rice Products


Rovema V/F/F/S Solutions For Rice And Other Grains

Rovema has been packaging rice for decades all over the world. Rice has been packaged in many type of packaging styles from pillow bags, boil in bag, to traditional bag-n-box lines, to more premium styles in flat bottom style bags with the gable top featuring a zipper reclosure or folded and taped.


Rice, it is generally filled by cup feeder or scale. ROVEMA’s VDD cup filler is a low cost and efficient dosing solution. The cup filler can be mounted over a ROVEMA bagger for a compact and small footprint. This solution offers a single control platform via the HMI. A scale can also be used. In this case we work with a variety of scale manufactures to offer a turn-key solution.


There are many different package styles Rovema can offer with our family of Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal Machines from simple pillow style bags to flat bottom style bags with a shelf ready appearance. Typical vertical bag applications for rice can utilize a variety of films such as heat sealable laminates, LDPE or HDPE films. Additional recloseable features can be offered such as a zipper reclosure. A contiguous motion vertical bagger can be offered for rice applications to maximize output speeds. For boil in bag applications, ROVEMA can integrate a film perforation unit to perforate the film prior to filling. In addition we offer special jaw patterns for a “fork slot”. For customers that want to maximize shelf space or palletizing, ROVEMA offers the SBS Brick pack machine. ROVEMA can provide flat bottom style bags with the gable top trimmed just above the product level, leaving virtually no head space or a bag top that is folded and taped. The tape then can be used a reclosure feature. These package styles allow bags to be stacked on top of each other on the shelf and in the case.


ROVEMA can offer a traditional bag and box line with a horizontal cartoner. In conjunction with our cup feeders, and baggers this is a winning turn-key solution with one control platform.

Case Packing

In addition to filling and bag making, Rovema manufactures secondary automatic packaging
machinery. We can deliver a complete automatic turnkey packaging line for dosing, bag making, coding, inspection, and casing. The turnkey solution is engineering and built in one facility with a common workforce. This minimizes complication and risk for the turnkey solution. Case styles can be offered from the RSC case, trays or tray and lid applications.

Rice in package from VFFS Machine



Rovema Proudly Supports Farmers

Feeding the world is a heroic task and we are proud to be a part of making sure your products make it from the hands of farmers around the world to tables around the world.

ROVEMA’s equipment offers an unmatched ROI and exceptional levels of OEE. These are achieved by our German-engineered build quality and resulting machine performance. Our experience and engineering ensure proper execution of machines, common manufacture and workforce for your application.

Our sales team will be ready assist you in finding your ideal packaging solution for rice.

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