Coffee Bagging Equipment for Whole Bean Coffee Degassing Valve


Rovema V/F/F/S Solutions For Coffee Roasters

The art and science of a great coffee business don't end with the roasting cycle - both food service and retail markets are increasingly demanding of functional and merchandising features that Rovema routinely builds into machines.

The commercial / institutional food service coffee industry is growing rapidly as more roasters shift capacity from fickle retail markets to high volume branded, co-packed and private label packaging of both urn size and coffee frac packs (fractional).

Much more than simple pillow bags, the business segment of coffee frac packs require high speed, consistent accuracy of weight and reliable hermetic seals.


Maximize Coffee Frac Pack Production Space

As production demands grow, the pressure on manufacturers to meet these demands with their existing production floor space has become a challenge for many producers. Ground coffee for frac packs needs space and time to degas, and both of those resources add to overhead cost. 

By using coupon valves for coffee frac packs, the ground coffee can de-gas after being packaged and case packed and allow manufacturers to send them straight out the door. Adding coupon valves to coffee frac packs does not impact production speeds and the benefits to your production efficiency largely outweigh the costs if production space is an issue.  

Need a degassing coupon valve? Our single source approach extends beyond the auger and bagger to include our own proven integrated solution.

Coffee Packaging That Meets The  Demands of Your Retailers

Retail demands all the same performance criteria AND aesthetics & convenience. Tin tie reclosable and peel seal capability are typical options on our SBS system for both ground and whole bean coffee. And marketers love the full billboard they get on the package back with our Stabilo® bag which incorporates an optional true offset vertical seal. As with food service packages, Rovema offers a proven degassing solution for integrated button valve placement on retail packs as well.

True Single Source Coffee Packaging Lines for Seamless Integration

Accurately weighed and hermetically sealed in the bag, your coffee can transfer seamlessly to our range of secondary packaging solutions including tray and case packing.
Find out why many of the world's leading coffee manufacturers like Reunion Island Roasters (and others whose names you know well but which we're not allowed to share) have selected Rovema for packaging to cover the no-man's land between roasting and brewing.

Coffee Bagging Equipment For Retial and coffee frac pack equipment


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Coffee Bagging Equipment For All Types Of Roasteries

Our goal is to equip you with all of the information that you need to make the best decision for your business and your coffee products.

Whether you need to run 2oz fracs at a blistering rate or a stunning 3lb bag of whole beans with a tin tie and a degassing valve, we take the same consultative approach to building out the best solution for you. 

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