The Big Picture

Rovema is looking towards the future. That means working very carefully with available resources and protecting the environment in the process. Economic sustainability with our products is possible because of the use of our innovative technologies. These technologies enable us to use renewable packaging materials, reduce energy consumption and optimize packaging volumes.

With an optimized package design for transportation, CO2 emissions can be subsequently reduced. Product quality must be protected especially for perishables and baby foods. Durability and safety are our number one priority. Maintaining high quality after production, combined with modern and efficient packaging processes, drastically reduces product losses and saves packaging material resources.  

Acting responsibly

To us, corporate responsibility is a social responsibility and not simply a matter of regulations and laws. We believe it is our duty to do more for employees. This is why we created several training programs as well as continuing education programs in cooperation with regional universities. To support our employees outside of work, we offer comprehensive health management services that ensure our employees can care for themselves and their families.



Supply Chain

  • Up to 15 % less packaging materials
  • Up to 8 % smaller package and transport volumes
  • Tight, dust-free packages
  • Attractive/compelling POS packaging

Sustainable Packaging

  • Biodegradable and compostable packaging materials
  • Paper as FSC certified packaging material
  • Savings in packaging materials through narrow seams and thinner films
  • Sealing of biopolymers

Safe Food

  • Longer shelf life
  • Opening aids and reclosure
  • Gentle packaging processes
  • Inspected airtight seal

Save Energy

  • Green technology:
    - Efficient drives and low-loss transmissions
    - Energy-optimized movements
    - Reduced mass
    - Energy recovery
  • Up to 35 % less air and power consumption
  • Sealing with up to 25 % less energy


Acting in modern times means taking responsibility for people and the environment.

Options To Help CPG Manufacturers Keep Up With Consumer Expectations

Rovema Paper Packaging for VFFS

For years we've helped companies experiment and innovate with VFFS materials and package options. Lately we've received more requests for packaging with paper.

Manufacturers have to balance production realities against evolving consumer expectations, and paper packaging may help to achieve that.

This white paper covers common questions including: 

  • Sustainable definitions including biodegradable and compostable
  • Paper packaging considerations
  • Retrofitting VFFS machines to run paper
  • Highlight shelf ready packaging success stories

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