Say "Hello!" to your new favorite subscription club. 

BOM Box- VFFS Parts Subscription Service Offered at No Charge with Parts Discounts

Preventative Maintenance is crucial- and you know that. And the systems your team has in place every shift for keeping your packaging equipment clean and happy are the most important thing you can do to support your machine that has no end of life. 

That being said, spare parts don't last forever and having a system in place for when certain parts were last switched out and when they need to be switched out again might be hard to manage, especially for parts that don't need attention but a couple times a decade. 

This spare parts service helps you meet your preventative maintenance milestones on time, which consist of quarterly, yearly, and five year increments.

Why is a better system needed for your VFFS parts?

Well the answer is simple. Like all mechanical machines our baggers need upkeep or maintenance milestones. Like changing the oil in your car, Rovema baggers have wear items that need to be changed every so often.

Symptoms of these components wearing out will start as smaller issues such as: low seal integrity, bag slippage, connected bags, but ignored long enough, and we often have to navigate unplanned downtime with customers if one of these mechanical parts breaks.

We make it simple and easy to get those parts, and they show up right when you need them. You also lock in pricing for a full year, and you only need to request a single quote.

This helps you and your team keep up your excellent level of preventative maintenance and helps you get ahead of part failure.

VFFS Parts Investment Protection

Protect Your Investment

Machine Longevity is the name of the game. This system helps you keep PM's on track and the right parts on hand.

VFFS Spare Parts Price Lock

Lock In Your Parts Pricing

As a subscriber, you lock in your pricing for an entire year, which not only helps your plant save money but helps with budgeting.

VFFS Parts Simple Ordering

Simplify Your Ordering 

The right spare parts show up right when you need them. No pulling SN's, part numbers or old PO's, they just show up.

Maintenance Milestones

What will be included in the B.O.M. Boxes I receive as the years tick on?

VFFS Parts Delivered every 3 months

VFFS Parts by Quarter

The first milestone includes all standard wear items you would need for your business quarter. Some of these items would be: Knives, film belts, Teflon tape, and forming tube strips. This milestone will reduce time spent on requesting quotes and determining which parts you need to purchase

VFFS Parts Delivered Yearly

VFFS Parts by Year

The second milestone includes everything in your 3mo BOM box but also includes any parts that fatigue and need replacing on a yearly basis. This B.O.M. Box includes items like springs, guides, and bearings and would be customized to the production load of your machines. The PM needs your equipment running three shifts will be drastically different than of one, and we will map these out for you.

We’ll also be available to help guide you through the rebuilding of your C-frame area.

VFFS Parts for % Year Refresh of your VFFS Machine

5 Year Refresh

This is an exciting one! The five-year milestone box includes all the quarterly and yearly items, but also the parts that wear over a longer period.

Some of the new parts would include bearings, gears, and the parts needed to rebuild the main drive. This milestone helps to ensure the longevity and proficiency of your machine.

The parts included in this milestone are crucial to give attention to, as failure could affect additional gears or other components.