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Rovema Solutions for Powder Products

Rovema has a large install base and nearly 40% of all of our applications are in powders. We have deep industry experience with a range of products - from copier toner to coffee and a high application knowledge in powders- we know what your priorities and pinch points are. We've consolidated our solution into a hit list:

  • Auger filler and Vertical Bagger from single source- eliminate potential finger pointing at FAT or issues after installation. Can purchase bagger and auger with complete confidence.
  • Auger tooling built in-house by Rovema. Not outsourced like most others. Special design tooling available for the most difficult products and applications. Auger is designed to reduce product degradation. The auger itself is milled from single piece stainless steel with no welds for high fill accuracies and less product giveaway.
  • Clam shell closure device available to prevent difficult free flowing products from getting into the bag seals.
  • Servo driven auger for precision and unsurpassed accuracy and reliability. (Servo controlled revolution of auger which provides positioning accuracy of auger of+/- 0.05%)
  • Two (2) models- SD-81 & SD-150. Which fill from 1 oz. to over 10lb.
  • Multi-component fills are no problem in a combination Volumetric Cup filler.
  • Auger comes standard with checkweigher feedback feature for optional downstream checkweigher.
  • Hopper level control is standard.
  • Low profile split door auger for easy maintenance, cleaning, and changeovers. Includes window for visual confirmation of product in hopper as a standard feature.
  • Height adjustment for auger screw is a standard feature - minimum product drop resulting in less dust contamination and reduced product in seals.
  • Tool-less change over for auger tooling is standard.
  • Economical solution with SD auger (cast aluminum hopper) or SDH auger (sanitary design with the hopper Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel, 3A dairy compliant-single piece hopper.) The SDH design is commonly found in milk powder applications.
  • Optional horizontal feed screw available to ensure product and head pressure level in the hopper remain constant for superior fill accuracy.
  • No upcharge for both auger and bagger controls integrated into single HMI. Hardware housed in single electrical cabinet. Simple operation and clean design with electrical cabinet and single power drop.
  • Special vacuum auger available for extracting air out of product resulting in product compacting (less volume and shorter bag equate to film savings), less dust, cleaner cutoff of product, and better fill accuracy.
  • Aroma Perm gas flushing option is a closed system delivering 1% or less residual O2 level. Originally designed for milk powder industry which has stringent gas flushing requirements.
  • Continuous motion bagger technology with powders. True “bottom up filling” creating less dust build up during filling, preventing dust in seals and stronger seal because of lower drop height. The longer fill window of the continuous motion design allows the end user to run the auger slower to obtain better weight accuracy and still maintain high speeds.

Dust Free Powder Packaging


BVC180 VFFS machine for powder product packaging

Rovema Machines help the Powder Industry

Our continuous motion bagger technology is excellent for powder packaging applications.

Whether you want a small RoPack (Doy-Style) stand up pouches with a recloseable feature or you need 50lb bags that can be palletized, you have multiple machine model choices.

True “bottom up filling” on these applications will create less dust build up during filling, prevent dust in seals and ensure stronger seals because of lower drop height. The longer fill window of the continuous motion design allows the end user to run the auger slower to obtain better weight accuracy and still maintain high speeds.

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