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Based in metro Atlanta, Georgia, we are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rovema GmbH and serve as the North American sales and service presence for all of Rovema's engineered vertical form/fill/seal and end-of-line packaging solutions. Our team in Norcross combines German quality & engineering with American market awareness and responsiveness. We're proud of the German heritage, engineering, quality, and reliability that is the hallmark of our vertical baggers and end of line packaging machines.

With over 2,000 machines installed in North America, we're fully committed to the ongoing support of our machines including providing all available service and ongoing technical support for any operating Rovema machine.

All Rovema machines are built under a single roof (not a global master brand).

In support of top brands, we pride ourselves on maximum ROI and continue to meet the growing demand for VFFS packaging machine excellence in North America.

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Meet Our Team

We have a deep roster of packaging and industry professionals on our team. The current Rovema NA was established in 2014 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rovema GmbH after ending its relationship with their prior representative Rovema Packaging Machines L.P.

Completed in late 2015, the transition provided us the opportunity to gain many of our most valuable assets: decades of Rovema machine knowledge in the personnel who then came to work with us. They continue to represent our brand excellently, with tenures spanning multiple decades and are the soul of our organization. 

We're structured to support customers at the harried pace of North American business with the responsiveness you expect. The expertise of our team means that we do so with the accuracy and precision you require. 

If you're wondering about optimizing existing equipment or installing more; or even if you just want to reconnect with us, we'd welcome your call or email.

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German Engineering, American Service

Rovema is a global leader in the vertical form fill and seal packaging machine industry. Based in Fernwald, Germany and founded in 1957, over 60 years of innovation has brought many excellent technologies like Sense & Seal ®, Premium Seal ® Stabilo® and Aroma Perm ®  to CPG companies around the world. 

As a trusted partner to many multinationals, our solutions-based approach has helped get their products to the market safely and efficiently for decades. Because of the “no end of life” ideology surrounding our Lifecycle Services segment, many of the machines in the North American install base are even 30-50 years old and we still support them with Rovema maintenance and spare parts

If you've got a packaging challenge - whether it's a technical problem or a marketing/customer requirement, we've likely seen it before.

In 2019, Rovema GmbH was acquired by the Haniel Group, an organization that was founded over 260 years ago. Learn more here about how their ownership has furthered our value to customers.

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