UPTIME - Maximizing Your Investment in Machinery

When you invest capital in a project you expect the machine to perform as designed. That's a given.

But performance extends well beyond the Factory Acceptance Test.

Can you scale production? Adapt to new requirements? Train new operators?

When your line fails on one of many European holidays, do your customers suffer?

We've built our ongoing support program around a couple simple principles:

  1. If your machine is still running, you should still be able to get parts and service - no matter how old it is
  2. When you call, we should have a technician who's knowledgeable available to help
  3. Retrofits are a normal part of business - not a distraction

We offer downloadable operator manuals which include wiring diagrams & explosion drawings for most machines. (Please note that most machines have custom configurations. If you need specific drawings for your machine, please contact our service department.)

Need your manual?

Rovema VFFS Operator's Manual Download

Resource Center

Visit our resource center for other helpful materials including tech notes, training tips and general V/F/F/S information.


Submit a Support Request

Submit a Ticket / Inquiry

We're working to make it easy for you to get the support you need. That includes this system to submit service, parts and tech support inquiries. This brief video answers questions you may have.

Rovema service & support ticket process


replacement parts for Rovema vertical baggers

Replacement Parts

If your machine is still running, we'll still have the spare parts you need.

That's our simple commitment.

Occasionally electric/electronic components which we have sourced may become obsolete from the original manufacturer. In that case we work to develop retrofit solutions.

rovema technical service for vertical form fill seal packaging machinery

Technical Service

Whether you need field service or telephone support - the point is you need help.

Line design, commissioning, operator & maintenance training, preventative maintenance and break-fix are all requirements that we support with a staff from our Atlanta office.


Retrofits, Upgrades & Rebuilds

Just when everything seemed to be running so smoothly....here comes a wild new requirement!

A key customer requires a new format; an old line is suddenly being asked to outperform. That's life in the demanding world we all face.

Often our team can suggest creative solutions to your requirements.