Every machine can have down-time.

Our mutual goal is to reduce planned downtime to the absolute minimum and avoid unplanned downtime.  A good spare parts inventory and proper preventative maintenance are the basic "blocking and tackling" of reliable VFFS machine upkeep.Untitled design (51)


There's another that often get's overlooked, however...training.


Several of our service technicians have been with Rovema for 20+ years and their knowledge of our baggers and their capabilities is priceless, so we understand the gut-wrenching feeling when an experienced employee moves on to a different opportunity.

Plant operator or maintenance team retention is a common challenge for many CPG companies - losing valuable machine knowledge often translates to loss machine and plant efficiency.

Sure, you've got operators that learned from someone that learned from someone that attended the original commissioning training. That's what typically happens with turnover in plants.

Your maintenance team is strong too. They know machines and can figure out what to do.

What if you had a maintenance team member and a key line leader that were both trained and certified by the Rovema factory. Maybe even certified in programming the machine? We want to get your maintenance and operator teams up to speed with hands on training with a certified Rovema Technician.

You'd cut your break fix response time to the length of the walk across the factory, you'd know your set-ups and recipes are optimized and that the machine is working at peak efficiency.

Most customers tell us that the cost of downtime is measured in thousands of dollars/hour. That's expensive. Much more so than training.

We've got programs that can not only reduce downtime and improve line operations for your organization, but they can be a great employee benefit too. It's a way to recognize key and valued workers with an exciting opportunity.

And in today's market, keeping top workers happy is critically important - that it improves your results is icing on that cake!

We've got some great programs to make that happen. This video has the highlights.

Factory training is available at the Rovema factory in Germany, about an hour from Frankfurt Airport.

Rovema VFFS Service Training Seminars

All training is conducted in English, and we'll handle all the details for them on the ground including airport and daily transportation, hotel reservations, meals etc. All you'll have to do on your end is issue the PO, buy their plane ticket, and make sure they have a valid passport.

Our Concept

The ROVEMA training is presented in a modular way to allow for a flexible adaptation to individual customer requirements. Theory and hands-on practice are connected in an optimal way and support joined-up and interdisciplinary thinking.

Two training approaches allow you to participate in both individual training and mixed customer group training.

Opportunities for our best training are at our head manufacturing facility in Fernwald, Germany. We are convinced that this offers your team the maximum benefit because it provides your personnel the opportunity to ask questions to our experts with the most experience. However, upon request it is still possible to carry out a training on your site.


Individual Training

We offer individual training for your staff from the areas of operation, maintenance, electronics and machine control/programming. Duration, content and language of the training will be customized according to your machines and requirements. In addition to having more flexibility regarding the composition of your training, you have the possibility to order multimedia-based training material especially for your machine. This includes professional videos which illustrate individual work steps and thus facilitate an efficient and long-lasting transfer of knowledge.


Your benefits

Multimedia based learningMultimedia-Based Learning

Innovative video material illustrates individual work steps.


Increased EfficiencyIncreased Efficiency Trained personnel are the key to an efficient operation of your ROVEMA machine, generating process reliability and security of investment for your company.


Professional DocumentsProfessional Documents Illustrative and informative training documents clearly summarize the lessons learned and thus enhance the self-learning competence of your personnel.


Increased EfficiencyEffective Programs Theory and practice are connected in an optimal way and support joined-up and interdisciplinary thinking.

Training as MotivationTraining as Motivation Certified staff are motivated staff. This ensures a better availability of your ROVEMA machine.

Profound KnowhowProfound Know-How Experienced trainers pass on their comprehensive knowledge to your personnel.



User Focused Rovema VFFS Machine Lines   Topic Focus Training for Mixed Role Groups on Rovema VFFS Packaging Lines

     Training for single customers (user focused)                  Mixed learning groups (topic focused)


 Information Training concept (PDF)

Get to know ROVEMA training