Flexible Packaging for Powdered Infant and Baby Formula


Rovema V/F/F/S Solutions For Powdered Baby Formula

If you package powdered baby formula, you know that creating the highest quality, safest and healthiest product for the market is your highest priority. Your products sustain the next generation. How you package baby formula as well as what you package it in should be equally as safe, healthy and fast. Our technologies and solutions are exceptionally suited for the high quality and safety requirements for Powdered Infant and Baby Formula. 

Rovema Leads Packaging Technology Innovation and understands each application. Over 60 years of experience have guided us with the features we are known for. Below are just a few as Rovema continues to develop long term solutions for powdered infant and baby formula.

Technologies To Sustain The Future Generation

  • Sanitary design-Servo SDH auger Hopper available in 304 or 316 stainless steel, 3A dairy compliant-single piece hopper is also available. Surface roughness (finish) of product contact parts is Ra <0.8.
  • Optional horizontal feed screw available to ensure product and head pressure level in the hopper remain constant for superior fill accuracy of 1% or less.
  • Special vacuum auger available for extracting air out of product-,Less dust and a clean product
    cutoff between fills with minimum seal contamination at higher fill rates. Product compacting that may reduce film usage (cutoff length) per bag.
  • Designed specifically for milk powder, Rovema’s Aroma Perm Gas Flushing system can achieve
    1% or less residual O2 level.
  • Reduce project risk with both Bagger & auger from single source. Integrated solution from same
    manufacturer. Aftersales support from single source-no finger pointing.
  • Non-tubular, solid machine bagger frame available in stainless steel.
  • Excess hole in front plant with covers eliminated. Better sanitary design.
  • Electrical cabinet spaced out 30mm from frame for easy cleaning and better sanitary design.
  • Integrated zipper applicator for re-closure feature.
  • Unparalleled gas-tight seal strength and quality with Rovema’s premium seal technology. Guaranteed to meet the stringent seal quality requirements in milk powder packaging.

Safe Flexible Packaging for Infant Formula


Rovema Turnkey Packaging Line CAD Image

Exceptional Turnkey Packaging Lines for Powdered Infant and Baby Formula

ROVEMA’s equipment offers an unmatched ROI and exceptional levels of OEE. These are achieved by our German-engineered build quality and resulting machine performance. Our experience and engineering ensure proper execution of machines, common manufacture and workforce for your application.

Our sales team will be ready assist you in finding exceptionally safe and efficient packaging solutions for your powdered baby and infant formula products.


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