Continuous Motion Vertical Bagger for Form/Fill/Seal BVC-260 and 400 Flex

BVC 260 Flex VFFS Machine

Versatile and attractive bag styles

The continuous motion vertical bagger BVC-260 and 400 Flex form, fill and seal machines are designed and built for optimum performance and versatility. They are equipped with product detection Sense and Seal™ and the high quality sealing technology Premium Seal™ in conjunction with high speed. This results in a high machine efficiency rate while producing perfect bag quality.


  • Hygienic design, without hollow spaces or profiles
  • High set performance with high-quality bags
  • Reliable product protection due to tight seals
  • Programmable sealing pressure
  • High efficiency and reduced downtimes due to Sense and Seal product detection
  • Easy and quick cleaning with a product area separated from the drive area
  • Also available in stainless steel design. The product range can be flexibly configured for different applications and needs

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The BVC Flex is capable of producing multiple bag styles on the same machine by utilizing a turnable sealing.

Bag Style Pillow Stablio Ropack/Doy Style Ropack with Zipper
Speed Max (BPM) Up to 200 Up to 210 Up to 210

260- Up to 105

400- Up to 80

Package Min (mm) 80  60  80 80
Package Max (mm)  560 (320*)   260 (320*)   260  400
Sealing Force (N)  6000  6000  6000 6000

* - Gusset fold

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Download the Bag Style and Machine Selection Guide

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