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Rovema Solutions For Ready To Eat Cereals

Providing a quality package and performance from your VFFS machine for Cereals requires more than just a quality VFFS machine. It requires knowledge and understanding of each of the RTE Cereals. RTE Cereals come in many Shapes, Sizes Textures and coatings. They often come with marshmallows, fruits and raisins and nuts of other types of ingredients mixed in. There is a high demand for high performance unit operations requiring minimal experience to operate and maintain both are a major goal of Rovema VFFS machines we work closely with the customers and suppliers integrating the upstream and downstream equipment to enhance the overall performance of the filler and bagger as unit operation.

Product supply provided to packaging

Best performance starts with a steady supply of product to the fillers, Be it Horizontal motion, vibratory or belts, a steady and consistent supply of product is the beginning of a great performing line.

Combinations Scale / Volumetric Filler

This is the Heart beat of Production. It sets the pace for rest of the packaging line to follow.

Select the best scale configuration for your product:
  • High Speed (small bucket steep angled high speed chutes)
  • Medium Speed (larger buckets Standard Angled chutes)
  • Gentle Handling (Delicate fragile products)
  • Don’t forget best methods for handling stick products and address product build-up on
    the pans
  • Addressing dust and fines at the beginning helps the rest of the line perform better

Pick the Right Transitions

  • Small inlets funnels keep the charge from expanding out ward traveling from one

    transition to another and maintains falling speed

  • Steep angles keep the charge focused and minimized swirling

  • Integrated forming set / funnels minimize change parts and speed changeovers

  • Bias cut funnels increase speeds and minimize bridging

Choose the right forming set

  • Smooth, Dimpled Stainless Steel shoulders are options to choose from

  • There are various coating that can be applied to extend shoulder wear

  • Epoxy shoulders can be an alternative

  • Integrated Funnel / Transition are options

  • Shoulder angles can be modified for special needs and difficult films

  • Round, Oval, Square and other shapes are available for those special needs

  • Snack tube / open back former are helpful with very small former and bridging


  • Swing gates at the bottom of the forming tube can protecting films from sharp and hard products are options

  • Product clam shells can be used for slowing product down

Bag in Box or Pouch Packaging for Breakfast CEreal


cereal packaging machine for RTE breakfast cereal

Rovema Machines help the RTE Cereals Industry

Rovema understands the nuances of each application and our past experiences have guided us with the features we are known for. The following are just a few as Rovema continues to develop long term solutions for the packaging industry.

  • Options for Film unwind design to enhance film handling
  • Web tracking at the forming set for fast response
  • Self-Centering Vacuum belt (No Need to adjust)
  • Swivel open Seal Jaws for safe cleaning of front and rear jaws and changing out the cutting knife.
  • Sense and Seal technology for sensing product in the jaws avoiding downtime and enabling consistent seal quality for bags released to downstream.
  • Servo Gusseting with size change memory
  • Hinged Electrical cabinet for increased machine access
  • Internal vacuum pump lower DB levels at machine
  • Customized discharge chutes for application

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