Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

Rovema has been the pioneer of industry solutions for 60 years. 

The technical capabilities of our packaging equipment aren't about us as much as they are about our customers. Each innovation, patent and feature has a story and common genesis- a customer or industry faced a packaging challenge and needed someone to solve for the solution.

Evaluating Your Solution

VFFS machines are an efficient and reliable method for packaging a wide variety of product types. And no matter what you are bagging, your priorities likely fall in the same ballpark of most other product types, bag styles or industries. 


You'll stack these in different orders of priority depending on what you're packaging but these are probably your comparative metrics when vetting out the best VFFS solution for your products:

  • Seal Integrity
  • Production Speed
  • Bag Style Quality
  • Machine Reliability
  • After-Sales Experience

Of course there will be other factors that come into play like the ability to build out a fully integrated packaging line, the financial stability of the vendor, et cetera.

But, if a potential vendor drops the ball in any of these 5 areas, they probably won't make the cut- and justly so.

It's those opportunities that get us excited to come to work every day. 

The following technologies are all patented innovations offered by Rovema equipment, and almost all of them are standard features for the solution you may be considering. 

Rovema Ropack (Doypack) with zip Bag Style


Our patented process for creating a doypack style stand up pouch, with all of the space efficiency benefits of a vertical form fill seal machine.  


Learn More about the RoPack®

How Rovemas Sense and Seal Works

Sense and Seal®

Completely servo-driven sealing system allows seal jaws to detect products as light as a marshmallow, preventing not just a sticky mess, but wear of the sealing system.

Learn More about Sense and Seal®


Aroma Perm 

A gas flushing solution that achieves less that 1% residual oxygen to extend the shelf life of coffee, milk powders or chemicals.

Learn More about Aroma Perm®


Premium Seal®

Two phase sealing cycle during the D-motion allows the jaws to pre-heat the film before sealing, producing the strongest seals in our industry. At blistering speeds. 

Learn More about Premium Seal®

Stabilo Quad Seal Bag Typically Used for Coffee


Invented by Rovema, this stand up pouch is a variation of the block bottom style bag with four (quad) seals in each of the vertical corners, giving it rock-solid shelf stability.

Learn More About Stabilo®


Connect The Dots

We talk about features, foot prints, film drives and food applications, but when it comes to the basics- speed, motion, controls etc, how does Rovema compare and what other questions should I be asking? 

Capital equipment involves big decisions and you need to do your due diligence to vet out the best VFFS solution for your company- even if it's not us.

We've put together a buyer's comparison worksheet that you can use to kick the tires on several vendors- and we went ahead and filled in our part for you. 

Learn More about Our VFFS Machine Comparison Chart

BVC_145_TwinTube_CMYK (1)

BVC Family of VFFS Machines

Our VFFS machine solutions cover a wide span of product-specific model types from liquid products, frozen products, and basic products like snacks. 

Other BVC models are built to maximize the flexibility of package styles or film materials with tool-less changeover from a simple pillow bag to a RoPack® doy-style stand up pouch.

They have one thing in common- they can be equipped, and often come standard regardless, with every technology above.

Learn More about the BVC family of VFFS Machines