Art & Science - the Mystery of Vertical Form/Fill/Seal

There's an enormous difference between getting a machine to run....and ensuring it runs optimally for years - through changeovers, products and peak production periods.

Often the tips & tricks are captured anecdotally. After all, even for well-run multinationals, knowledge management is a very difficult challenge.

We want to help. In fact our goal is to become the vertical bagging information resource that people turn to - regardless of their department or industry, and regardless of whether they run our equipment or a competitors. Just because a company uses Bosch, Triangle, GEA, Hayssen or even General, Viking or Ohlson, we want to help every CPG manufacturer improve their vertical bagging operation.

This resource center is designed to that, and we're pulling together a wide variety of materials that may help.

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We're happy to point you to helpful information even when it means giving credit where credit is due.

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