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According to AFFI, the American Frozen Food Institute, the frozen food market experienced a 21% increase in retail sales in 2020 alone and while the packaging demands of this market call for many of the same priorities like filling accuracy and package quality, the tough environmental and hygienic demands call for equally tough equipment. 

IQF: Individual Quick Freezing 

The Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) market has been exploding over the past 10 years offering new products and packaging styles in the freezer section at the local grocery stores. IQF products are packaged in many forms in today’s market. From the traditional LDPE pillow bags, and bag-in-box packages, to more premium styles in flat bottom style bags with a gable top featuring a zipper reclosure or multi-component meals. IQF covers a wide variety of products from frozen vegetables, ready-made meals, and meat.

Bag Style Flexibility

There are many different package styles ROVEMA can offer with our family of Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal Machines from simple pillow style bags to VFFS-made doypack style bags with a shelf-ready appearance. Typical vertical bag applications for IQF can utilize a variety of films such as heat sealable laminates or LDPE films.

Additional recloseable features can be offered such as a zipper reclosure or tape reclosure for the full range of bag styles. An intermittent or continuous motion vertical bagger can be offered for IQF depending on the application requirements. 

ROVEMA’s construction on the BVC series is a solid frame for better hygiene and eliminates tubular construction. Finally, the BVC series has many 3A features and may be a fit for dairy and meat applications. The BVC-400 was specifically designed for the IQF market.


ROVEMA offers a line of vertical baggers that feature a stainless steel machine frame and wash-down execution for wet environments.

BVC 400 Continuous Motion VFFS Machine for Frozen Food Packaging


BVC 400 Frozen

From the same award-winning continuous motion VFFS family, fit for your frozen products.

Learn More About The BVC 400 Frozen 

Inno-tech REVO Stainless Steel VFFS Machine


Inno-tech REVO

Just announced, the modular REVO model is designed for reliability and your budget in mind.

Learn More About The Inno-tech REVO

Turn Key End-of-Line: Cartoning and Case Packing 

Rovema Turnkey Packaging Line CAD Image

ROVEMA can offer a traditional bag and box line with a horizontal cartoner. In conjunction with our baggers this is a winning turn-key solution with one control platform built under a single roof.

In addition to filling and bag making, Rovema manufactures secondary automatic packaging machinery. We can deliver a complete automatic turnkey packaging line for dosing, bag making, coding, inspection, and casing. The turnkey solution is engineering and built in one facility with a common workforce. This minimizes complication and risk for the turnkey solution. Case styles can be offered from the RSC case, or tray and lid applications.


ROVEMA Machines help the Frozen Food Industry

ROVEMA’s packaging equipment for frozen food offers an unmatched ROI and exceptional levels of OEE. These are achieved by German-engineered build quality and resulting machine performance. Our experience and engineering ensure proper execution of machines, common manufacture and workforce for your application.

We would love the opportunity to show you how our bagger options are uniquely equipped for your frozen products, with the highest hygienic requirements.

A great place to start, if you're not ready to speak with one of our machine experts yet, is with our Frozen Packaging Guide. It will give you a good idea of how these machine models compare, what factors matter when evaluating a frozen packaging solution and help you think more creatively about what bag style and material options are available as well. 

Frozen food packaging guide to safe and flexible solutions for IQF products



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