PACK EXPO is finally back in Chicago - and you're searching for solutions.

If we've learned anything over the past few years, it's that no matter where you are, what challenges you have to overcome, or how much your environment changes- when there is work to do, you get it done. 

The same goes for capital projects and business itself. 

Nothing can truly replace being able to come together with other like-minded professionals to discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions with experts that live and breathe innovation, technology, and the solutions you're looking to find at these types of shows.

Here is everything you need to know about visiting ROVEMA North America's booth (6251) and while we wish we could help with the plane ticket, we can at least get you in the door on us with code 34J68.


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Why You Shouldn't Miss ROVEMA At PACK EXPO

You expect a lot from your vendors, and you should expect more from the conversations you have with potential ones. We'll be coming prepared to talk about more than bags per minute or changeover speed. Of course, those are important specifics to dive into, but what are the real business outcomes you're looking to get out of a new project?

Cost Reduction

With an immeasurable number of variables that go into the cost of your products, there are that many opportunities to drive out cost inefficiencies in your business and product inputs. Here are examples of  opportunities we discuss with customers on a daily basis and are excited to talk about at PACK EXPO:

  • Switching from rigid packaging materials to flexible packaging, resulting in primary package cost savings and freight cost savings. Plus the added bonus of not having to store jars, cans, or bottles!Visit PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2021 to Discuss What Opportunities You have to reduce your input costs for your products

  • Switching out of premade packages to forming your premium packages from roll stock on a VFFS machine.

  • Switching from HFFS to VFFS, saving new machine costs initially, and with a smaller footprint, saving space and getting more capacity out of your facility.  
  • Increasing your fill accuracy with machinery that not only gets your accuracy dialed in to less than 1% and 2% for many products, but keeps it there with automated monitoring that makes adjustments as product density fluctuates.

  • Reduced web width and cutoff by using unique technologies with ROVEMA sealing processes that allow customers to drastically reduce the amount of film needed to safely pack their products

Workforce and Talent Management

Personnel shortages have been crippling for so many industries, CPG included, making it necessary for companies to not only figure out ways to increase automation to continued to meet today's demand but to also retain valuable talent within their companies. Here are a few ways that ROVEMA empowers customers during what many are calling a staffing drought: 

  • Visit PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2021 to discuss automation and navigating the staffing drought

    Increased line automation like fill accuracy monitoring that prevents having to pull product off the line to individually weigh, as well as toolless changeovers, as well as technologies like Sense and Seal® that prevents product from being caught in the seal jaws.

  • Full integration of your packaging line by sourcing all components of your system from one builder. The key here is also finding a supplier to design, engineer and test it under the same roof as well. 

  • Training and continuing education resources to help empower and retain your valuable team, like on-demand learning, in-person hands-on training and hundreds of articles and resources online to help troubleshoot issues and understand best practices. 

Increase Output

For many producers, when demand skyrockets (like many industries witnessed in 2020) many plants are limited by their current production space when looking to add capacity. If you're looking to increase the capacity of your plant but don't have the floor space to add another line, here are some of the ideas we'll want to discuss with you:

  • Increasing your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and keeping it consistent over years of production is what many producers consider an uphill battle, especially with high product demand and a strained supply of talent. Ask us what actions we've taken to say "no" to OEE drop-off for our customers.Visit PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2021 to Discuss Increasing your Overall Equipment Effectiveness

  • Seal Quality AKA the Achilles heel of output speed. For every production line, there is a threshold at which package and seal quality begins to fall off. ROVEMA has a patented sealing solution that is truly like no other.  - Premium Seal® that allows producers to greatly increase seal integrity at high speeds.

  • Get twice the number of packages out of your bagger at the same time. ROVEMA's twin-tube solution is proven in a wide variety of markets, from spices to confectionery. At 500+ bags per minute, the BVC 145 twin tube is the fastest VFFS machine that we know of on the market (seriously, if you find a faster VFFS, let us know!) 

Responding to Market Expectations

Customer's and retailer's needs and expectations are continuously changing, with many of these expectations being backed by deadlines from the biggest names in retail. While these often require changes to your operation, they can have benefits to your bottom line and your OEE - with the right tools.

Visit PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2021 to Discuss Sustainable Packaging Strategy for your CPG products

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What will ROVEMA demo at PACK EXPO Chicago?

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BVC 310 for Liquids

Packaging for liquids is going flexible for many markets. Learn how the same great BVC technologies are helping producers to get unmatched seal strength.

Learn More About The BVC 310 for Liquids 

Flex Machine

BVC Flex for Premium Pouches

Flexible and future proof, this bagger is capable of producing 13 different bag variations and handling a variety of films like paper and alternative plastics. 

Learn More About The BVC Flex Machine

Sustainable Film Solutions Program

We are excited to announce that ROVEMA is now a single source sustainability solution for your sustainable materials as well.

Chosen and vetted with performance in mind, ROVEMA is sourcing film materials from manufacturers all over the world. Whether you're looking for paper, PP, PE, or compostable options, we can source them for your ROVEMA equipment.

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