Full Sealing Control With Servo Driven Seal Jaws

Today's business profit and efficiency pressures require that every company operate at maximum efficiency. Often, machines are sold primarily on the basis of their mechanical speed, but certain automation technologies will ensure you are maximizing your overall efficiency. 

During the packaging process, if the product strings out after a charge, this can cause product particles to get caught by the jaws as they seal a package.

With the sealing system of mechanically driven seal jaws, the sealing force is driven by the force of springs and their momentum.

With Rovema’s transition from mechanical to servo driven motors, this inspired the genesis of several innovations that now come standard with the BVC and SBS model VFFS Machines, one of them being Sense&Seal®.

What is Sense&Seal®?

Rovema’s Sense&Seal® technology detects product particles in the seal area milliseconds and millimeters prior to clamping down to seal the package.

How Rovemas Sense and Seal Works

Because the seal jaws are directly controlled by the servo motors, the seal jaws do not rely on the use of momentum to obtain a force up to 8000 newtons.

This allows the drive motor to be hypersensitive to any resistance as the jaws are brought together and if these are met with resistance, the jaws back off and do not seal the package.

The bagger then, automatically resets and restarts again creating a double bag that is pulled off of the line.


Inconvenient vs Catastrophic

For many producers, when product strings out and is caught in the seal area, like for confectionery or bakery items, getting sticky product buildup on the jaws can be extremely inconvenient to remove, as the buildup continues to cause seal integrity issues.

However in more extreme cases, a hard product like a frozen chicken nugget or a dried bean, over time will cause damage to your seal jaws.

Potentially, if product is caught in the seal in the knife path, this can also break your knife, resulting in costly downtime.

Direct Benefits

  • Downtime Avoidance from damage prevention to jaws and knife
  • Downtime Avoidance prevented from sticky products melted into jaws
  • Reduced leaker rates and product degradation from poor seal integrity
  • Longer life of seal jaws and cutting knife (reduced spare parts costs)
  • Increased automation and lower labor costs with fulling automated Sense&Seal® process



Added Benefits

  • Double bags created are fulling enclosed and uncontaminated. Product potentially added back to feed.
  • Great reduction in vibration and noise. (We like to balance a coin on it's end on top of the machine...)
  • Better relationship with retailers and customers by eliminating main cause of seal integrity issues.
  • For the BVC 145 Twin Tube, two sets of jaws seal independently. If one side has an issue, the double bag is only created on that side.

Sense and Seal Product Detection in VFFS Seal Jaws

What Industries Benefit From Sense&Seal®?

Sense&Seal® can be used during the packaging process of almost any products.

The only product types that this technology would not be of much use are powdered and granular products and for liquids that do not have particles (think blended soups or soft drink concentrate).

The jaw sensitivity is so precise that even a soft product, like a marshmallow, is detected at normal speeds.


Competitive Comparisons

There are other manufacturers who offer similar solutions that have some of the same benefits, however, the technical solution Rovema has patented is superior due to it's level of sensitivity. 

We definitely want to acknowledge these claims and other similar technologies that are out there, but by using the servo driven sealing technology, Sense&Seal® is the best in class.


How much can Sense&Seal® change my business outcomes?

Great question- these are ones we would ask you to help answer that:

  • Do you have packages being formed with product in the seal area that is causing you to pay someone to babysit your bagger?
  • Does product in the seal with your particular product ever cause downtime due to damage to the jaw or the knife?
  • Do you ever have customer or retailer complaints of products in the seal or general seal integrity?


If you answered yes to any of the questions, that's what makes us excited. This technology comes standard on our full family of BVC, BVI and SBS models. 

We partner with CPG customers around the globe to engineer and build the best VFFS solution for your products. For more information on this technology, you can ask an expert in the chat, or fill in the form on this page. 

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