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Whether you are buying new packaging machines or switching vendors, it's a major decision and there are risks involved.

From processing to packaging,  the capital equipment that lines your factory floors isn’t just an amalgamation of steel and sensors but a reflection of business strategy. They are the backbone of production, driving operational efficiency, ensuring product quality, and maintaining market competitiveness.


The goal of this guide is to provide you with comprehensive information and guidance on evaluating, selecting, and integrating new capital equipment vendors.


  • Insights into Investment Drivers: Explore why companies upgrade their equipment, focusing on automation, cost reduction, and competitive advantages.
  • De-risking Equipment Vendor Transition: Identify the critical factors and proven methods for reducing risks associated with switching vendors.
  • Effective Vendor Evaluation Techniques: Get actionable advice on vetting vendors, from analyzing their service reliability to assessing their crisis response capabilities.



Page 7 | De-risking Service Concerns


"During vendor evaluation, inquire about the
average tenure of the service team members. A vendor that invests in their team’s development and retention is more likely to provide knowledgeable and consistent support"

Page 8 | De-risking Quality Concerns


"Performance guarantees ensure that the equipment will meet specified operational benchmarks by holding the vendor accountable for delivering equipment that achieves the promised efficiency, productivity, and reliability levels."

Page 9 | De-risking Knowledgeability Concerns


"The ability to conduct comprehensive and involved FATs is crucial for ensuring the equipment meets all specified requirements before it is shipped to your site."

Page 10 | De-risking Crisis Concerns


"The financial stability of a vendor impacts their ability to withstand market fluctuations without compromising service quality or talent. A stable vendor is more likely to maintain consistent support and supply chain reliability during challenging times."

When it comes to selecting a capital equipment vendor, it’s more than just a transaction—it’s a strategic partnership.

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