Strategy Guide For CPG Manufacturers to Prepare a Collaborative Response to Retailer Requirements

On June 16, 2017, Amazon announced its acquisition of Whole Foods. It is the day that retail disruption was officially declared.

Shelf ready packaging (sometimes referred to as PDQ, for the “pretty darn quick” criteria originally established by a Wal-Mart exec) has been common in European markets for many years, and while it began to appear in US retail outlets in the mid-‘00s, adoption has recently accelerated.

Reducing the labor cost of restocking shelves is the primary advantage of SRP. High labor cost, along with small store, shelf, and kitchen footprints in the EU, and specifically in Germany, led to the early innovation and advances in SRP there.

While the full impact of the transaction has yet to be felt, it is certain that this confluence of e-commerce and traditional retailing will have an impact on the CPG industry. We believe the greatest impact will be the increased need for shelf-ready packaging

In this e-book we will:Shelf Ready Packaging Guide Book Cover-1

  • Define shelf ready packaging
  • Discuss common types
  • Explore the benefits
  • Identify target product categories
  • Offer strategies for managing the transition to shelf ready packaging
  • Consider the financial impact
  • Pinpoint the implications for design and execution
  • Help you evaluate your suppliers
  • Highlight shelf ready packaging success stories

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