Market demand for Frozen Foods has never seen faster growth.

ROVEMA Frozen Food Packaging Guide 3D Book Rendering

And as you navigate scaling your operations, evaluating the best VFFS solution for your IQF and other frozen products will come with the lion's share of priorities as you work to find the safest and most efficient solution- within budget and within your timeline.

ROVEMA's machinery options for the frozen market bring the best of today's latest VFFS innovations like product detection the seal jaws and toolless changeovers, but with the IP ratings and hygienic design excellence that your product calls for.


Download this free guide to understand ROVEMA's capabilities in the frozen food packaging space as well as considerations around:

  • Flexibility to future-proof your solution for future market demands 
  • The value of turnkey packaging lines for project management efficiency and peace of mind
  • Maximizing the automation and efficiency of your line
  • Competitive differentiation of your products
  • Meeting evolving consumer CSR (corporate social responsibility) expectations
Frozen Packaging Machine Output Speeds and Target Markets
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