Watch the Webinar - Coffee Packaging After the K-Cup

Coffee has always been big business - now it's incredibly complex and technical, yet also the subject of artistic passion.

If you're a roaster you're faced with nearly irreconcilable challenges - improve the business aspects of price, shelf life, appearance, utility and convenience all while satisfying the most demanding and passionate coffee connoisseurs.

That's a lot to juggle - in fact it's downright stressful.

The good news is that coffee is one of our areas of particular expertise. Our engineers and technicians are routinely innovating improved packaging solutions, and our sales team works frequently with marketers and merchandisers on understanding industry trends and expectations.

Learn about latest trends in packaging coffee including:

  • K-Cup and packaging context - how we got here
  • Review of the current state of coffee packaging
  • New trends in coffee packaging for retail and institutional packaging
  • Machine & packaging considerations & implications
  • What's New