Rovema Aromaperm Gassing in Forming Tube to reduce residual oxygen in VFFS packaging

Your Solution for Extended Shelf Life and Product Freshness

Oxygen is a powerful gas in that it gives us the ability to sustain life, while at the same time, it is a key element in decreasing the shelf life of a product. In packaging, a gas flushing system is necessary for reducing oxygen levels with specific products. Rovema offers Aroma Perm as a solution.

Why Aroma Perm?

It is a completely closed system that allows for residual oxygen levels as low as <1%

Which Industries use this Application?

Any industry that needs a product protected from residual oxygen and is able to use an auger for filling.

Typically, we see this feature used in the coffee, tea, baby formula, powdered milk, and chemical industries.

How Does Aroma Perm Work?

This closed system features inlet ports and control valves to flush nitrogen into the auger hopper, forming tube, and optional horizontal cross feeder. Aroma perm features a compensation balloon that creates a closed system to prevent air from entering or leaving the hopper. There is also a control valve to flush nitrogen into a customer's supplied storage bin above the auger if applicable.

An Integrated Solution

Working with a company that has the in-house capabilities to deliver an integrated solution greatly improves the chances of achieving the goals you seek. Rovema provides this uncomplicated pre-gassing solution. Conversely, using multiple sources can increase the risk of complications and failure to achieve your goals.

Gassing in the Forming Tube

Trapped oxygen in the product determines the oxygen level of the packed product. Pre-gassing is extremely important because it lowers the oxygen level thereby preserving freshness.

The Aroma Perm Process

  • Oxygen naturally surrounds the product before the packaging process actually begins. Therefore, once inside the bin, there is inevitably a significant amount of oxygen surrounding the product. 
  • After passing through a rotary gate, there is an intermediate buffer for pre-gassing. As the product moves through the cross feeder, pre-gassing is also performed.
  • From the cross feeder, the product is received into the auger dosing hopper. This is the closed system portion of the pre-gassing process.  Gassing is executed in the hopper and the product achieves the desired residual oxygen content.
  • Gassing also occurs in the forming tube to avoid any oxygen contact with the product and to keep the air cushion inside the bag free of oxygen.

How Can Rovema Help?

Rovema provides an integrated pre-gassing solution that maintains the integrity of the package and helps to prevent oxidation of the product.

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