VFFS Machines Address Manufacturing Challenges at Virtual Trade Show

Emily Brogan
Oct 30, 2020 9:24:34 AM


Rovema NA to exhibit at virtual trade show, PACK EXPO Connects. Their presentations will explore current industry focal points like sustainability, stand up pouches and driving down operating costs for key industries, such as coffee.

Capital equipment buyers juggle many priorities and team inputs across business functions when choosing the best VFFS solution for their projects. Marketing teams are tasked to adapt to consumer demands like sustainability and stand up pouches, while operations teams seek to drive out inefficiencies and prioritize consistency and reliability for the solutions they prefer.

Finding VFFS solutions that are built to be reliable and efficient can feel like a horse trade when factors like new package materials, like paper or new bag styles, like a doy style pouch are brought into the conversation. Choosing packaging equipment that can fill both needs and create wins for both teams boils down to choosing a vendor whose actions speak to these commitments.

Rovema’s equipment delivers the best of both worlds- bag style and package material flexibility as well as timeless reliability and efficiency. The demonstrations for the virtual trade show are broken out into three categories. All three will be presented more than once to give attendees the opportunity to attend, given busy schedules.

The first presentation focuses on a VFFS buyers guide- choosing a vendor and building out a solution that meets both today’s and tomorrow’s market expectations and innovations and helps manufacturers in navigating decades of market shifts. Rovema will discuss the specific innovations that are conducive to VFFS longevity and demonstrate the dynamic agility of their vertical baggers.

The second presentation will address priorities of ground and whole bean coffee producers and demonstrate the technical capabilities that give Rovema customers the competitive edge in the premium retail and institutional coffee frac pack spaces. A successful coffee packaging involves a unique set of challenges, but patented technologies like Aromaperm® and Premium Seal® were created to address them.

The final presentation will cover major market focuses of sustainability, retail ready packaging and stand up pouches, giving demonstrations of Rovema’s unique and patented technologies that allow customers to quickly adapt to the requirements of their retailers in these categories.

Registered attendees can view the Rovema showroom and schedule of events at http://nvyt.es/a76d6535e065634a59ad.

To tune in to any of Rovema’s presentations for Pack Expo Connects on November 9-13, the first step is to complete the free registration, which can be done at this link

If schedules prevent anyone from being able to attend a specific demonstration, you can request the recordings post show by visiting us at rovema-na.com