Higher Production Efficiency and Maximum Seal Quality with Servo Driven Seal Jaws

With the sealing system of mechanically driven seal jaws, the sealing force is driven by the force of springs and their momentum. This lead to several less-than-ideal situations: 

  • Sealing pressure could only be changed by manually changing the spring loads
  • Different jaw profiles would require different pressure
  • AKA different bag sizes would require manual intervention for optimum seals
  • Too much pressure would cause film delamination for metalized film or squeeze the PE out of the seal area. 

With Rovema’s transition from mechanical to servo driven motors, this inspired the genesis of several innovations that now come standard with the BVC and SBS model VFFS Machines, one of them being Premium Seal®.

What is Premium Seal®?

Rovema’s Premium Seal® technology allows for complete complete control of the sealing forces and timing during the available seal time.

Because the seal jaws are directly controlled by the servo motors, the sealing force is directly applied by the torque of the motor and monitored precisely through the HMI.

Users are able to control all of the following aspects of the sealing to dial in the best process for their product and film type:

  • Sealing Time
  • Sealing Position
  • Sealing Force
  • Seal Pressure Force Curves
  • Cooling Position

One of the most impactful benefits of Premium Seal® is the ability to preheat the film prior to apply any substantial pressure. With this technology, the film is softened under low pressure prior to increasing the seal force and the construction or barrier materials are less stressed and damaged when full sealing force is applied. This process creates packages that have higher seal strength than the film itself and is outlined in the graphic below:

Periodization of Rovema's exclusive Premium Seal Technology

Inconvenient vs Catastrophic

You spend a lot of time kicking the tires on a film vendor, negotiating lead times, pricing and running samples of film that you know will look great in the market and give your product the barrier it needs to be fresh when it's consumed.

What happens when you're coming up on your go-live date and with every test run of your product, the seals look crumpled, delaminated, or worse- have leakers?

What's especially infuriating is when your metalized film becomes fractured in the seal area, allowing microscopic weaknesses in the barrier, and you're having to deal with complaints from your retailers and customers. 

Direct Benefits

  • Ability to dial in sealing parameters based on thickness, film structure, etc.
  • Maximum Seal Integrity by pre-heating the film.
  • Prevention of fracturing metalized film, which can be unnoticed by the naked eye but cause leakers.
  • Prolonged shelf life by maximizing seal integrity.
  • Up to 20% reduced energy consumption during sealing by preheating film.

Added Benefits

  • Documentation of these sealing parameters for quality control.
  • Prevention of aesthetic issues of film delamination.
  • Better Relationship with Retailers due to prevention of product degradation or poor package appearance.
  • Servo driven jaws dont meet forcefully, meaning a much quieter machine with nearly no vibration- you can stand a nickel on it's end on the machine.

What Industries Benefit From Premium Seal®?

It does not matter what industry you are in, product your package or channel you distribute through, everyone deserves to package product with the strongest seals in the industry without compromising on speed or package appearance quality.  

Many premium coffee producers are using Premium Seal® for their Stabilo® packages to preheat the inside sealant layer of their multilayer film. This welds the four corner seals together to ensure sturdy stand up ability.

Producers in the food service space are also using Premium Seal® to move away from heavy wasteful #10 cans and glass jars and are packaging liquids and pumpable products into flexible packaging. If you think flexible packaging isn't up to the task, it's time for a reintroduction:

How much can Premium Seal® change my business outcomes?

Great question- these are ones we would ask you to help answer that:

  • Do you ever have customer or retailer complaints of the freshness of your products long before expiration?
  • Are you unsatisfied with the shelf stability of your stand up pouch?
  • Does the speed of your bagger vs seal quality feel like a horse trade?
  • Do you even know how many newtons of force you're using on your current solution?
  • Does the amount of vibration of your current bagger make it hard to work around?


If you answered yes to any of the questions, that's what makes us excited. This technology comes standard on our full family of BVC, BVI and SBS models. 

We partner with CPG customers around the globe to engineer and build the best VFFS solution for your products. For more information on this technology, you can ask an expert in the chat, or fill in the form on this page. 

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