ROVEMA Presents Sustainable Packaging Solutions to Pasta Industry

Oct 25, 2021 8:04:47 AM


The Low Margin Product Challengevertical_baggers_for_short_pasta_from_Rovema

For many food manufacturers, especially those that manufacture staple foods like pasta, rice, or baking ingredients, continuing to find opportunities to increase your margin is a game of inches. With razor thin margins, producers of these staple goods are very sensitive to market pressures like ingredient price fluctuations, freight supply and rising cost of labor.

A potential solution? Consider switching to flexible packaging as a way to provide an immediate solution to increase margins over time with higher selling prices and higher-margin products. How? By lowering input costs throughout your supply chain!

Addressing Today's Market Challenges

In a market where it’s necessary to be efficient and innovative in order to survive, it’s important for businesses to understand what customers want and expect from their products. While offering customers a new experience is a great way to entice them into purchasing your product, it's no secret that consumers are becoming more environmentally-conscious than ever before.

By incorporating flexible packaging into its processes, ROVEMA is not only making strides toward mitigating market challenges like increased ingredient and labor costs but also improving its overall carbon footprint.

ROVEMA Presents Sustainable Packaging Solutions to Pasta Industry Leaders

National Pasta Association Logo 2021 Annual Meeting

In an effort to save pasta manufacturers money and reduce their environmental impact, experts from ROVEMA traveled to the National Pasta Association’s Annual Meeting last week to discuss both the cost savings opportunity of switching from rigid to flexible packaging as well as sustainable solutions such as running pasta in paper packaging. Their presentation was quite well received, with industry leaders expressing great interest in exploring both options further.

Your Flexible Packaging Partner

ROVEMA’s clients include some of America’s most iconic food brands. As a result, our expertise in flexible packaging has put us in a unique position to become an industry leader with regards to sustainable packaging solutions like paper packaging for pasta. We are proud to partner with reputable pasta companies across the globe who are looking for alternative ways to reduce their carbon footprint while reducing costs. If you are interested in more information around this topic, check out

About ROVEMA North America, Inc.

ROVEMA NA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ROVEMA GmbH. Our operation in Atlanta is the North American sales, service, and parts presence for all of ROVEMA’s engineered vertical form/fill/seal and end-of-line packaging solutions.

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