New Bulk Powder Packaging Machine Addresses Key Industry Challenges

Emily Brogan
Feb 14, 2020 4:48:49 PM


BVC_600_mit Türen_CMYK


With the Rovema BVC-600, high-value and hazardous products can now be successfully packed in hermetically sealed flexible bags up to 140 liters.

Norcross, GA – For many powder products that require gas-tight packaging to prevent quality degradation, the only solutions in the past have been large rigid packaging containers like drums and barrels. For non gas-tight applications premade paper sacks are an option. A more cost-effective and potentially safer solution is now available using the BVC 600 Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagger. In addition, this solution is potentially a more sustainable option as less space is taken up compared to keeping drums or barrels in stock, and these flexible bags of powdered products can be stacked on pallets for more efficient shipping, making better use of freight resources. With Rovema’s world class seal integrity with a sealing force up to 8,000N, compact and stable shipping using flexible materials is now an attainable solution for bulk volumes of powders, granulates, detergents, chemicals, and other ingredients for both food and non-food industries.

For high value materials like ingredients used for pharmaceuticals and the chemical  industry, being able to rely on extremely accurate fill weights is crucial to a company's bottom line. For many of these materials, even waste from excessive dust from the packaging process can cost thousands of dollars as well as be harmful to plant employees if inhaled. The Rovema BVC 600 offers dust-free dosing with the SDH-W auger weigher which offers industry leading dosing accuracy. The dust-free application is especially important for hazardous products.

As a leader in innovation for the VFFS packaging industry, Rovema has continuously improved filling, packing and sealing technologies as customer challenges have surfaced in the evolving CPG and industrial spaces. We are proud to debut the BVC 600 as a solution that solves multiple industry challenges for bulk packaging needs. - hermetic seals, dust-free filling, and the highest fill accuracy.

About Rovema North America, Inc.

Rovema NA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rovema GmbH. Our operation in Atlanta is the North American sales, service and parts presence for all of Rovema’s engineered vertical form/fill/seal and end-of-line packaging solutions.

With over 1,000 machines installed in North America, we’re fully committed to the ongoing support of our machines. Although occasionally certain drive or control components are obsoleted by our suppliers, we provide all available parts and ongoing technical support for any operating Rovema machine.

Our team in Norcross is combining German quality & engineering with American market awareness and responsiveness. All our machines are built under a single roof (not a global master brand) and we’re aggressively building our staff to meet growing demand.