Why would a company change their most successful continuous motion bagger?

John Panaseny
Fri, Jun 24, 2016


In the case of Rovema, the answer is simple – to make it better.

Rovema introduced the continuous motion BVK-260 as the replacement for the highly successful VPK-260 earlier this year. Despite a huge installed base, and years of reliable production, the engineers at Rovema felt they could improve the design.

What’s different?

  1. Smaller footprint due to an integrated electrical panel – we have eliminated the need for a separate electrical enclosure (which can take up valuable floor space) and integrated it inside the machine housing. The panel is on rails and slides in and out for easy access when needed.
  2. Solid frame with no hollow bodies – the new BVK utilizes the same frame as the very successful BVC line of baggers.  The frame is no longer tubular construction and only contains fabricated steel and solid posts to eliminate concerns about product migration into the frame.
  3. Better access with improved guard door design – the new design uses additional hinges to make access to the jaw drive and jaw assembly much easier when maintenance or service is required.
Rovema VFFS Model-BVK-260-redesigned-integrated-control-panel-on-slides
Integrated Control Panel on Slides
Old VPK Frame Using Tubular Steel
New Frame With No Hollow Bodies
Old Guard Door Access
Improved Guard Door Access

What hasn’t changed?

  1. The Rovema servo controlled, continuous “D” motion cross seal station  – with potentially billions of bags sealed with this technology, the new BVK keeps reliable sealing technology at the heart of the bagger
  2. A commitment to quality and ongoing support for the lifetime of the bagger – Rovema has never stopped supporting any machine they have built. Sometimes electronic items or parts become obsolete but Rovema is committed to offering solutions to keep your bagger in operation - with no expiration date.
  3. Vacuum assist film feed belts – this allows for smooth film transfer for all types of films and automatically self-aligning to the forming tube when engaged. Best of all this technology continues to be a standard feature on our BVK.
Rovema BVK Reimagined Vacuum Draw Down Belts
Vacuum Draw Belts Still Offer the Smoothest Film Transfer

If you happen to have an existing plant full of VPK baggers and would like one more for consistency of parts, then give us a call or contact us. We will still consider making one of our legacy VPK baggers for a while longer.

The things that changed, and those that didn't, had a common theme - long-term efficient operation. That's a goal of every bagging operation, and one that we know is important to you. We've created an OEE Guide for V/F/F/S and you can download a free copy here.

Maximizing Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for Vertical Bagging Operations