Successfully Navigate Shelf Ready Packaging Disruption

John Panaseny
Tue, Aug 29, 2017


On June 16 retail disruption was officially declared when Amazon announced its acquisition of Whole Foods. The full impact of this announcement has yet to be felt, but without a doubt, the need for shelf ready packaging is, and will continue to be, increasingly important.

Shelf and Retail Ready Packaging

From marketing to engineers, sales teams to corrugated and primary packaging vendors shelf ready and retail ready packaging are the latest and most urgent disruptive retailer requirement. But what is shelf ready packaging and what benefits does it offer?

Simply put, shelf ready packaging is a configuration which incorporates enough secondary packaging to protect products during shipment but simultaneously serves as a restocking an aesthetic retail display unit. This type of packaging offers retailers considerable benefits like making items easy to identify in the warehouse, faster to locate and restock, and out-of-stocks are reduced.

Successfully Navigating Shelf Ready Packaging DisruptionBut shelf and retail ready packaging also offers savvy manufacturers benefits as well. One such benefit is that the sales lift through reducing out-of-stocks is frequently in the 3-5% range. To fully realize the benefits of retail ready and shelf ready packaging, however, often requires manufacturers to take a systemic approach that optimizes the entire packaging and logistics process. While this type of approach is undoubtedly ideal, it can be difficult to know where to begin planning and implementing it. We’ve created a resource to help CPG teams succeed with shelf ready packaging.  

Strategy Guide for CPG Manufacturers to Prepare a Collaborative Response to Retailer Requirements

As packaging requirements continue to change and shelf ready packaging becomes more prominent, the need to optimize the packaging and logistics process becomes of paramount importance. In our latest guide, we tackle this challenge head on.

The Strategy Guide for CPG Manufacturers to Prepare a Collaborative Response to Retailer Requirements offers teams an approach that will minimize complications and increase the chances of success with minimal disruptions.

In this guide we:

  • Define shelf ready and retail ready packaging
  • Discuss common types
  • Explore the benefits
  • Identify target product categories
  • Offer strategies for managing the transition to shelf ready packaging
  • Consider the financial impact
  • Pinpoint the implications for design and execution
  • Help you evaluate your suppliers
  • Highlight shelf ready packaging success stories

This guide is designed and written for entire CPG teams. From engineering to sales, this free resource will help guide you through the process of adapting to shelf ready packaging demands.

Get Your Retail Ready Packaging Guide

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