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Tech Note #2: While Running Your Continuous Motion Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagger You Find Vertical Seal Problems

Sep 28, 2016 8:00:00 AM / by John Panaseny

Problem Observed: While running your continuous motion vertical form fill seal (VFFS) bagger you find vertical seal problems

Causes and Solution:

1. The vertical seal is open or is weak

  1. The vertical seal temperature is too low (Increase the vertical seal temperature)
  2. Heating cartridge is defective (Replace Heater cartridge)
  3. Temperature probe is defective (Replace the temperature probe)
  4. The vertical sealing pressure is too low (Adjust the air pressure to increase the pressure on the film)
  5. Air Cylinder is defective (Replace the cylinder)
  6. Air solenoid is defective (Replace the solenoid)
  7. Check that the vertical seal unit is aligned parallel to the forming tube. If it is not, this will often result in only a portion of the vertical seal being sealedcontinuous_motion_vertical_form_fill_seal_bagger_tech_note_1a.jpg
  8. The overlap of the film may not be correctly positioned under the vertical seal band (Adjust the vertical seal band to correct the misalignment)
  9. Check that the Teflon tape behind the film on the forming tube is not worn or missing. (If it is, then replace it)


j. Check whether the brass insert under the seal band is worn. If it is, it will not transfer the heat correctly (Replace brass insert)


2. The vertical seal band is sticking to the vertical seal or creating wrinkles
  1. Check that the film is tracking properly so that the inside sealant layer is not exposed to the seal band
  2. The vertical seal temperature is too high (Decrease the vertical seal temperature)
  3. The vertical sealing pressure is too high (Adjust the air pressure to decrease the pressure on the film)
  4. Check that the vertical seal unit is aligned parallel to the forming tube. (This can cause too much pressure which results in the vertical seal only being sealed at only one spot on the seal)
  5. The seal band speed is too slow or too fast. (Adjust the speed of the band with the controller)

If you need VFFS spare parts, please contact Allen Overmyer at (404) 640-5326 for OEM replacements or if none of these steps improve your situation, please contact us to schedule a service visit with our Service Manager, Gordon Thomsen by calling 404-640-5322.

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