For hygienic packaging machinery solutions- Pretty is as pretty does.

When it comes to food packaging, nothing else matters if your products aren't kept safe. 

So much time goes into evaluating your bag style, choosing the right film material, and maxing out how fast you can run acceptable packages, etc. 

Of course, those are crucial and excited steps to vetting out the best vffs solution for your products but at the end of the day, if your packaging solution makes it difficult to maintain an exemplary level of hygiene and safety, it won't matter what recloseable feature you picked or how fast you can run.

Food safety isn't a category you have the luxury of just glancing over, so what technologies are available for Rovema equipment that allow for consistent and efficient washdowns and changeovers?

Automated Wet Cleaning for Auger Fillers


Rovema's chemical-free automated washdown system available on our range of auger dosers allows users to reduce their downtime spent cleaning and drying the filling component by 89%. The four-step process displayed in the video above of pre-rinsing, flooding, rinsing, and drying, is automated and not only safer for your customers but your operators as well.

Even though it's chemical-free, it's advantageous as the components inside of the auger move as normal as the washing cycle happens, making sure no spot is missed.

Split Door Hopper- Accessibility that Comes Standard

SDH-Auger Doser for maximum food safety and hygieneAnother auger filler feature is the high level of accessibility for your maintenance and operations teams.

Getting into a typical auger filler has always been a pain but for Rovema augers, they come standard with a split door hopper that opens up 180 degrees.

The hopper also comes standard with a window, allowing operators to easily monitor product levels inside.  

Premium Seal® Technology for Maximum Seal Integrity

Many common issues that producers experience with seal integrity, like the film running off-center or product getting caught in the seal, are thankfully visible to the human eye or pulled by leak detection technology. 

Premium Seal technology allows for hygienic food packaging to consumers

But for some film types like metalized film, the sealing process can cause micro-leakers in the edges of the film that compromise the shelf life of the product and make for unhappy consumers. 

Rovema's Premium Seal ® process uses two sealing pressures in each cycle, allowing the jaws to preheat the film prior to applying full force, preventing these micro-leakers. 

Rovema machine seal integrity, strength, and safety are unmatched in the VFFS industry.

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Connecting The Dots

We talk about features, footprints, film drives, and food applications, but when it comes to the basics- speed, motion, controls, etc, how does Rovema compare and what other questions should I be asking? 

Capital equipment involves big decisions and you need to do your due diligence to vet out the best VFFS solution for your company- even if it's not us.

We've put together a buyer's comparison worksheet that you can use to kick the tires on several vendors- and we went ahead and filled in our part for you. 

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BVC Family of VFFS Machines

Our VFFS machine solutions cover a wide span of product-specific model types from liquid products, frozen products, and basic products like snacks. 

Other BVC models are built to maximize the flexibility of package styles or film materials with tool-less changeover from a simple pillow bag to a RoPack® doy-style stand up pouch.

They have one thing in common- they can be equipped, and often come standard regardless, with every technology above.

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