Tech Note # 3 Cross Seal Problems With Rovema VPK VFFS Machines

John Panaseny
Nov 1, 2016 8:00:00 AM


Rovema introduced the continuous motion BVK-260 as the replacement for the highly successful VPK-260 earlier this year. Despite a huge installed base, and years of reliable production, the engineers at Rovema felt they could improve the design.

Click here to read the article about this change - Why Would a Company change their most successful continuous Motion bagger?

Despite the robust design of the VPK-260, occasionally there are seal issues that you may be confronted with. In last month's Tech Notes we discussed vertical seal issues and suggested solutions. This month we discuss cross seal issues and their possible solution.

Observed Problem: Cross seal not sealed

Cause and Solutions:

1. Temperature of the cross-sealing jaws is too low. (Increase temperature)
2. Front and rear cross-sealing jaws do not properly mate when they are closed. (Check Jaw alignment.)
3. Heating cartridge is defective. (Replace with new heater)
4. Temperature probe is defective.(Replace with new temperature probe)
5. Check seal pressure. (a - Increase air or servo pressure or b - Check spring pressure or signs of a broken spring)
6. Check seal time. (Increase seal time)
7. Jaw serrations worn (Replace jaws)

Observed problem: Cross seals are not strong enough – can be easily opened

Cause and Solutions:

1. Heating cartridges of one sealing surface may be defective. (Replace with new heater)
2. Sealing temperature is too low. (Increase Temperature)
3. Too much dust or product in the sealing area. (Check drop time or if dust extraction is needed)
4. Not enough seal pressure. (a - Increase air or servo pressure or b - Check spring pressure or signs of a broken spring)
5. Jaw serrations worn (Replace jaws)

Examples of damaged or worn springs:


If none of the above steps improve your situation, please contact us to schedule a service visit with our Service Manager by calling 404-640-5322. If you need spare parts, please contact our Parts Manager at (404) 640-5326 for OEM replacement parts.

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