How food service manufacturers are saving money in every stage of the supply chain as more customers are demanding flexible liquid packaging.

Liquid Packaging Guide 3D Rendering Ebook Cover

Retail packaging over the last 50 years or so has experienced a tremendous transformation driven by the changing preferences of consumers.

This twenty three page guide to packaging liquids in flexible pouches takes a deep dive into each phase of the supply chain exploring the pros and cons between traditional methods including number 10 cans and buckets and the trend toward the more efficient flexible pouch packaging.

It addresses historical market concerns and the remarkable advances in film engineering and manufacturing and also details their VFFS liquid packaging solution, the BVC 310 for liquids, which is servo driven with specialized stainless steel wash down that is quick and easy to clean.


Download this free guide to have the full justification and strategy for why food service manufacturers ought to transition out of rigid packaging for liquids:

  • Reduce the cost of manufacturing, transportation and storage
  • Improve operations and efficiency
  • Reduce floor space utilization
  • Competitive differentiation of your products
  • Meeting evolving consumer CSR (corporate social responsibility) expectations
Cost Comparison figure showing packaging savings of different liquid packaging containers
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Flexible Liquid Packaging Film Strength