BVC 600 - Continuous Motion Vertical Bagger

Continuous Motion Vertical Bagger For Form/Fill/Seal

Maximum Efficiency for Bulk Powder Packaging and Other Free Flowing Products

The continuous motion vertical bagger BVC 600 form fill and seal machine is designed and built for optimum performance for bulk filling, and is equipped with product detection Sense and Seal® and the high quality sealing technology Premium Seal® in conjunction with high speed. This results in a very high machine efficiency rate while producing perfect bag quality.


  • Hygienic design, without hollow spaces or profiles
  • High performance with bags of perfect quality
  • Reliable product protection due to tight seals
  • Programmable sealing pressure
  • High efficiency and reduced downtimes due to Sense and Seal® product detection
  • Easy and quick cleaning, as the product area is separated from the drive area

Machine Specs*

Key Information

Category VFFS
Family BVC
Motion Continuous
Bag styles Pillow Sacks
Gusseted Pillow Sacks,


Technical Specifications

Max Speed (PPM) 12
Sealing Force 8000



Machine Height mm 3300
Machine Heigh in 129
Machine Length mm 3600
Machine Length in 142
Shipping Weight kg 3600
Min Package Width mm 250
Min Package Width in 9.9
Max Package Width mm 600 (750 for Gusseted Sacks)
Max Package Width in 24 (30 for Gusseted Sacks)
Filling Volume Up to 110 Liter (140 for Gusseted Sacks)


Energy Usage

Electrical volts 230/400
Class of Protection IP54


*Specifications subject to change. Performance and specs depend on various factors including product, environment and integrations.

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BVC 600 Data Sheet

Selection Guide

Industries Served By This Machine


Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruit

Sugar and Spices




Rice and Grains



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