Rovema Introduces VFFS Machine Ideal for Frozen Food Applications

Jun 24, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Two New Technologies Differentiate BVC 400 from Competing Equipment

Rovema North America – a subsidiary of Rovema GmbH, which designs and supplies packaging machinery for the food industry – has introduced a bagger designed specifically for the Frozen Food Market. The BVC 400 VFFS Bagging Machine is a continuous motion, dual axis servo, vertical form-fill-seal machine offering broad flexibility in product sizes and shapes demanded by the frozen food sector. Capable of running up to 150 cycles per minute at a maximum forming width of 400mm, the servo-driven, stainless execution, hygienic design BVC 400 is equipped with two new technologies that set Rovema apart from a host of competitors.

The first of these differentiating technologies is Sense & Seal, a patented quality control system that determines if product is present in the cross seal area and, if so, discharges the bag without applying seal pressure. The intelligent system thus prevents any excess product from being accidentally sealed in the seal area which, in addition to immediate product defects, could also decrease sealing tool efficiency and life expectancy.  In addition to the automatic bag discharge of defective packages, the reduction in downtimes for jam clearance and reduced wear and tear on cutting blades help ensure high efficiency and long, uninterrupted machine runs.

Second, Rovema has developed a new sealing technology, Sense – Tack – Welding, (STW) for mono layer films often used in the Frozen Food sector. This new seal concept has benefits over Constant Heat Poly and Impulse Seal technologies. Impulse Seal technology causes premature wear of heat elements due to requirements of constant cycling. Constant Heat Poly uses a much higher heat range due to the poor thermal conduction properties of the coated Teflon and associated wear.

The new STW technology also can seal laminated films with the same sealing system, thus providing greater flexibility. By introducing STW, Rovema has created a repeatable, low-cost solution for sealing a variety of films used in the frozen food market.

The BVC 400’s flexible configurations allow for a wide range of frozen food packaging applications, including those for chicken nuggets, french fries, vegetables, dumplings, seafood, and complete meal solutions. This same machine also can be designed for fresh foods with ultrasonic welding requirements.

Another highlight of the BVC 400 VFFS Bagging Machine is its attention to hygienic manufacturing practices. The BVC 400 is comprised primarily of stainless steel for easy cleaning, and features a closed-frame design in which all product contact parts are segregated from non-contact parts. The machine’s slightly offset electrical cabinet is intended to make cleaning even easier.

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