Supply Chain Visibility and Traceability Webinar with Azo. Connecting Food and Rovema

As your business grows, so does the complexity of your supply chain. But supply chain visibility isn't just about safety anymore- it's about adding value to your product. 


Today's million-dollar business and technology buzzwords like blockchain, supply chain visibility, or customer journey get people's attention and your depth of understanding may fall anywhere on the scale of novice to expert for any of these topics. But how do these terms fit together? How can you leverage supply chain, ingredient, vendor, and other data points in ways that add value throughout the entire lifecycle of your products?

Today's customers are demanding accountability, authenticity, and transparency from the brands they support, and for large privately-held or multinational companies, having the capacity to crunch this data reliably to meet these customer needs can feel unattainable and impractical. Just one cheeseburger can have 5 million data points to track.

On June 15, 2021, packaging experts from ROVEMA North America, AZO, and Connecting Food co-hosted an informative round-table conversation to break down how supply chain traceability data not only helps companies navigate supply chain disruptions and increase production efficiency but also empowers brand teams and adds value to the end-user. (AKA your customers!)

We Covered Topics Including:

        • What is supply chain traceability and how do these tools empower cross-functional teams 
        • How supply chain data can help you build a roadmap to hitting your KPIs

        • How supply chain data can help you dial in your OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
        • How visibility translates to accountability for your own suppliers

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Kevin Pecha Sales Manager AZO Food

Kevin Pecha

Sales Manager



Samantha Gadenne Global Sales Director Connecting Food

Samantha Gadenne

Global Sales Director

Connecting Food


Emily Brogan

Marketing Manager

Rovema North America, Inc.