Intermittent Motion Vertical Form/Fill/Seal

BVI-Intermittent-form-fill-seal-machineNo matter if it's frozen food, cereals or short cut pasta – this machine ensures economical packaging and safe handling of coarse, granulated, paste-like or liquid products.


  • The wide size range and 'suit-to-application' add on modules enable the machine to pack and produce large variety of products and bag styles.
  • Vacuum draw down belts for packaging material transport for the safe handling of a wide range of materials.
  • Sense&Seal function to avoid product inclusion in cross seal and to protect jaws and cut of knife. For increased efficiency and reduced maintenance.
  • Wear-free servo motor based main drive for the cross-sealing station.
  • Sealing time, sealing force and jaw aperture of the cross sealing station can be free configured and stored in machines control system.

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The BVI is available in three chassis sizes (180, 260 & 400) for different package size formats.

BVI 180 BVI 260 BVI 400
Speed Max (BPM)  120 120 100
Package Min (mm)  50 60 80
Package Max (mm)  180 (220*) 260 (320*) 400 (410*)
Sealing Force (N)  5000 5000 8000


* - Gusset fold

Download the BVI Data Sheet

Download the Bag Style and Machine Selection Guide