The most flexible method of producing compact 'brick' packs

SBS Brick pack machine Block bottom bags with attractive and unique bag top styles. 

The SBS Brick packaging machine, is a combination of form- fill- and seal technology and specialized top shaping systems for compact packs with a wide variety of closing, easy open and reseal options, perfect for market areas which demand a unique, convenient and aesthetically pleasing pack style for product differentiation at point of sale.


  • High flexibility by quick and simple format change
  • All functions executed as single stations to meet at short notice and cost-efficient future marketing requests
  • Standard integrated modem connection with the ROVEMA service center for online diagnosis and maintenance of control software
  • Can be equipped with applicators for reclosure features such as tin tie, clips and labels (oven 30 styles)
  • For production of optional flat bottom bags
  • Bag conditioning allows for most efficient bag size to reduce case sizes.

Key Industries:

Coffee, Pasta, Bakery, Detergents

Budgetary Pricing:

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The SBS 250 is available in two chassis sizes (80 & 120) for different package size formats.

SBS 250 / 80 SBS 250 / 120
Speed Max (BPM)  80  120
Bag Width (min-max mm)  40 - 155  40 - 155
Bag Depth (min-max mm)  30 - 95  30 - 95
Bag Height (min-max mm)  90 - 340  90 - 340
Filling Volume (max)  5000 5000


SBS 400 available for special large size bags

Download the SBS Data Sheet

Download the Bag Style and Machine Selection Guide

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