Intermittent Motion Case Packer

EF2-Case-Packer Gentle product handling and reliable operation

The complete erecting, filling and closing process only takes place at two stations. Thus, usual interference sources are reduced to a minimum and the functional reliability increases considerably. The case blanks are held safely and precisely positioned in all stations througout the whole packaging process.

This optimum packaging process leads to geometrically exact packages. As product and packaging are treated carefully, the whole packaging process runs safely and in a controlled manner.

Flexible grouping systems - cycle chain or collecting conveyer for goods to feed into case- enable different product orientation in the case.


  • Space-saving due to compact construction, robust and solid
  • User-friendly low, ergonomic arrangement of blank magazine
  • Easy to clean due to clear structure and good accessibility
  • Gentle product handling by direct and smooth operation
  • Ideal supplemented by innovative and productive grouping systems
  • Rapid and safe format size change over for economic production
  • Optional features such as tray module or external top closing for additional functions
  • Up to 12 AC cases per minute
  • Destacking-grouping system
  • Axes functions with servo drive
  • Depending on product and case size

The EF 2 Case Packer is capable of speeds up to 12 cases/minute

Download the EF2 Data Sheet


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