Equipment solutions to address eco-friendly stand-up pouch challenges for powder and flake products.

Bauckhof Mill Case Study ROVEMA Cover 3D

With the opening of their brand new facility in 2020, Bauckhof Mill was getting pressure from their markets to find a more sustainable way to package their gluten-free flakes and flours.

“For a long time, we got a lot of trouble for our plastic
packaging. How an organic manufacturer could possibly be responsible,” recalls Hannes Öhler, Head of Marketing &
Communications at Bauck.

This case study breaks down how Bauckhof Mill, ROVEMA, and paper film supplier, sappi, were able to take a paper stand up pouch solution to market for Bauckhof's powder and flake products, and do so in a way that satisfied the sustainable packaging expectations of their customers and the OEE expectations of their operations teams.

What's in the Study?

How did ROVEMA help Bauckhof Mill address challenges around paper stand-up pouches?

Like all producers experimenting with paper packaging, Markus Stahl considered sealing to be the main challenge with paper bags, because the sealing areas must be kept as free of dust as possible for optimum sealed seam quality.

“If there is dust in the sealing area, I can‘t seal the seam as well as with a plastic film,” Stahl explains in the study. 

What bag styles are available for eco friendly stand-up pouches?

Bauckhof Mill Grain and Powder Packaging eco friendly stand up pouches

The mill could not decide between the different types of packaging formats available. The machine flexibility of the ROVEMA SBS Twin VFFS machine allowed Bauckhof Mill to switch between different bag top shapes, packaging materials and format sizes and has allowed them to reach speeds up to 100 bags per minute of throughput.

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Bauckhof Mill Grain and Powder Products in eco friendly stand up pouches