Setting the Stabilo Sealing Temperature

Establishing the Stabilo Seal Temperature

To set the stabilo sealing temperature:

1. From the touchscreen display, press the Parameters button to display the Parameters screen.

2. From the Parameters screen, press the Temperature Control button to display the Temperature Control 

3. From the Temperature Control screen, press the “Stabilo, Right Front” button; a keypad will appear.

4. Use the keypad to enter the desired sealing temperature then press the ENTER key to set the value.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to set the sealing temperature for the remaining three corner sealing units.

A good starting temperature is 280 Degrees Fahrenheit (for laminated films). You may need to increase or decrease this value to obtain the optimal sealing temperature for your film.

The stabilo sealing temperature should be very close to (if not the same as) the vertical sealing temperature.


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