Establishing the Gussets

To establish the gussets you need to set the gusset depth.

Use the following procedure to set the depth of the gusset plows and fingers.

To set the gusset depth:

1. Manually push the sealing jaws closed.

2. Manually extend the gusset pneumatic cylinder to the end of its stroke.

3. Loosen the gusset plow securing bolt.

4. Slide the gusseting rod towards the forming tube until the edge of the plow intersects the corner of the 
forming tube.

5. Check that the plow is level and that it does not touch the bottom of the forming tube. If necessary, 
loosen the plow level adjustment bolts, adjust the plow until it is level and clears the bottom of the 
forming tube, and tighten the adjustment bolts.

6. Tighten the gusset plow securing bolt.

7. Loosen the finger securing bolt.

8. Slide the finger towards the forming tube until the tip of the finger is even with the tip of the plow.

9. Tighten the gusset finger securing bolt.

10. Repeat steps 1 to 9 for the opposite gusseting unit.


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Establishing the Gussets

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