Vertical Seal Bands Breaking Prematurely

Vertical Seal bands breaking prematurely and/or vertical seal inconsistency.

If seal band is breaking prematurely:

  • Check the vertical seal band and determine if it the break is at the weld. This will be indicated by a diagonal break in the seal band.
  • If the break is at the weld, check the brass insert behind the seal band. The brass insert is most likely misaligned. When a seal band is in position you should see a small gap between the top of the brass insert and the seal band. You should see this same gap at the bottom of the brass insert and seal band. When there is no gap, the brass insert will dig in to the weld of the seal band and eventually cause the seal band to break. This will also cause an uneven seal as the heat is concentrated at the top of the seal band instead of being evenly spread throughout.


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