Benefits of OEM Compression Springs

What makes Rovema VFFS Seal Jaw Compression Springs better?

Compression springs are used within the jaws of your Rovema vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging machine to apply pressure on the jaws to deliver consistent seals. Seal integrity is based on the right combination of time, temperature and PRESSURE for film type, thickness and package speed. Compression springs deliver a component of that pressure, and as they gradually fatigue the seal consistency and strength will gradually degrade.

Rovema compression springs are expected to last for approximately one year based on usage and environment. Factors including the jaw profile, cycle speed, film thickness and operating tempo will affect the spring life.

Fatigues and broken springs result in uneven or weak seal in your bag and seal integrity is important in every application.

Sometimes users may see replacement compression springs as an opportunity to reduce replacement parts cost. They may take the diameter, length, wiresize and look for spring vendors. It's important to understand what makes Rovema compression springs different - because they cost more, but perform very differently.

You may wonder, "Why should I buy Rovema's OEM compression springs?" There are performance and specification reasons.

1. Most importantly Rovema compression springs are specifically hardened to the optimal performance value using a process called peening.

2. The specifications of Rovema compression springs have been perfected over billions of sealing cycles and thousands of machines to provide long life, retained strength and consistent seals under the impact and load they bear with every sealing cycle (depends on the cycle rate, speed, jaw profile, and thickness of material.)

3. Rovema compression springs are specifically made to metric specifications and are different than seemingly similar imperial dimension springs.

4. Compression springs are specifically designed (not just similar looking springs) for the loads and forces to which they are subjected.

The typical life span of Rovema compression springs is about 1 year (varies depending on application factors.) Locally sourced springs often adversely affect seal strength and that's sometimes compensated for with increased temperature which wears other items on the machine prematurely.

We suggest replacing all four sets (inner & outer, 2 springs jaw on each side) when you replace one to avoid imbalance between the springs and different seal strength from side to side on the bag top and bottom.

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