SBS Top Seal Over Pressure Measurement

Top Seal Over pressure Measurements

On the back side of the top seal stations are springs that create the jaw pressure. As the jaws go together,
they compress the springs that are housed inside of an aluminum block. There are caps on the end of 2
shafts. As the springs compress these caps extend out and create a gap between the block and the cap.
This measurement can be recorded as a reference for over pressure.

In order to take this measurement the jaws will need to be jogged together to the 180 degree position. On
On the HMI go to the BS main menu and in to the seal station 1 menu.


seal station

In the seal station menu press the wrench in the top corner next to the seal station.


seal station 2

This will take you to the jaw seal station and show the actual seal station position in degrees and you
have the jog feature.



Jog the jaws together with the buttons in the jog line until you are at or around 180 degree position.

This will put the jaws together at its mechanical seal pressure point. Measure gap for Stations 1 and 2




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