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Why should you buy Rovema Seal Bands?

Rovema seal bands have several capabilities that make them superior at a competitive price point.


Hello and welcome to “Why Buy Rovema.”

Today we are talking about seal bands.  Now you may look at this seal band and think, Ok, it’s a simple strip of metal.  There’s a little more too it though.


The seal band is used to create the vertical seal in our form fill and seal machines. Our seal bands are made to get hot and stay hot, but we go one step further to ensure our seals are as strong as possible. We coat our seal bands with Teflon so that the film doesn’t stick to it. This allows the film to pass over the seal band smoothly and accurately to form a sturdy seal each and every time.


The real magic is in our seal weld.  Most seal band are welded at the tip of the band.  Our seal bands actually have an overlap weld.  This means we shave down the thickness of the seal band, overlap the two ends, and then weld them together. 


This makes a stronger weld, which is necessary to operate in a vertical continuous motion bagger, and will last longer than a traditional weld. If you are having problems with your vertical seal band breaking, it is most likely an issue with the brass insert.  Check to make sure your insert is aligned properly. 


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