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Draw Down and Transfer Belts

Why Buy Rovema OEM Draw Down and Transfer Belts?


In this episode of "Why Buy Rovema?" we are addressing Rovema OEM draw down and transfer belts.  The answer to that actually has a lot of history behind it.  Did you know that Rovema was the first Vertical Form Fill and Seal machine manufacturer to develop and use belts for the draw down system in 1959?  Prior to that the film was pulled by the jaws down the film tube, severely limiting production speeds.  The draw down belt system was eventually adopted by vertical form fill and seal manufacturers worldwide and ultimately lead Rovema to release the continuous motion bagger in 1986.  This broke barriers in the vertical bagger industry resulting in major speed increases.


So what does this mean for your belts?  It means that Rovema has the knowledge and experience to provide the best belts for your machine.  Our belts are designed specifically for your machine to match in sizing, tooth count, and spacing.

We have also made updates to our belts over the years.  Our most recent updates include switching from rubber to Linatex and using molded instead of spliced belts. 


Linatex is a material that is stronger than rubber and has way better grip.  If you firmly rub your thumb against a rubber belt you will notice the appearance of small rubber balls on the belt.  These balls end up getting sucked in to the vacuum system and can do some damage over time.  The chemical makeup of the Linatex material makes this much less of an issue.  Linatex also accepts a wider range of coefficient of friction which means it will work with a wider range of film.  If you have problems pulling your film with our basic belt then let us know.  We actually have 3 different types of belts that have increasing amounts of grip. 


Most belts have a splice in them requiring you to install the belt in a particular direction.  When installed incorrectly the belts will quickly tear apart at the splice.  Our newest belts are molded meaning there is no splice.  The belts can be installed in any direction which reduces the opportunity for mistakes.


We keep hundreds of belts in stock at all times so we can typically get the belts to you next day versus waiting for someone to manufacture them.